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This is self-contained enough to even be a dueling minigame for MOSAIC Strict, nice work

Awesome! Tell them they won't need eyes to see!

You know 24XX goes, lol. You don't want to prescribe too much, it burns layout space. In my campaign we used it similarly to what you describe (on a 3-4 I'd eliminate one tactic), but we've also used it conditionally in place of Recon to suss out enemy forces and such. Are these mining pods enemy plants or legit workers, and so on.

Thank you!


I've only ever run this online, and typically what we do is the GM picks their tactic first and then asks the player what they chose. It's the honor system, but hopefully we're all playing with people that we trust in the first place.

Galaxy brain move to use the cover to provide more info!

I like that you lean on the fact that there are a bunch of 24XX games so you can repurpose space for your new rules. Smart!

The scenario itself is extremely my jam, but I think the little thing that is my favorite is how each officer role has that extra little interaction ability. My guess is that's weightier in play than it reads.

Thank you! I can't take credit for bonds - check out the jam organizer Jason Tocci's 2400: EOS for where that came from (or if you like Mass Effect).

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24XX: BANDIT is a one-page pwyw tabletop rpg made for the 24XX Jam. You play starfighter pilots in an increasingly messy and murky war. Random tables provide easy mission seeds and downtime prompts when your pilots are off duty, while dogfight mechanics make space engagements more than just rolling Pilot a bunch. Inspired by Battlestar Galactica, Homeworld, House of the Dying Sun, The Last Starfighter, Top Gun, and others.

Get it here:

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Thank you! If you get it to the table (or zoom), I'd love to hear how it went.

Chances are good! (I've added both)

Those new roads are nice! The smooth curves make them a lot more believable!

I feel like you could model the Shield as a Blood crew. The idea of this cell of shitty cops matches up with "crime family" pretty well. The playbooks you take from there and the factions and contacts will further determine what shape that takes, but I think you could do it with what's there for sure.