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This looks neat!

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Love the worm dude's design.

EDIT: Stupidly chucked the pumpkin into the sea, lol. 

Thank you very much for the advice. SO excited to try this out!

In the download page, which one should I be downloading? I have an HP Windows computer but I'm not sure what a squirrel installer is. (I'm pretty new to this kind of stuff.)

Oof, I suck. 

I really like the sword idea. Very anime.

I really like this. I hope there are future updates. 

I just finished the game. It's longer than I realized, but I'm not complaining because it was enjoyable the whole way through. I hope to play more of your games in the future! 

Yeah, I went in there but I probably just didn't do the thing right. Anyways, I can probably figure it out myself. Don't wanna spoil the hunt for anyone else. 

I love how it looks like internet memes from 2012. 

This game is really fun. I can't find that darn 3rd shell yet though.

Wanted to see if I could do a zer0 points run. It worked. 

I'm trying to play this in-between doing homework. Probably not the best time to be playing it, but it's really fun and simple so far. I like the player sprite, lol. 

I'm confused as to how the controls work. I can't seem to interact with the game besides the menu.