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We have fun here at, don’t we? We spend all of our time talking about games and the people who make them. But that’s not the only thing we have here at, we’ve also got a massive community of folks making content that you can’t play. We’ve got comics, we’ve got artbooks, there are books with words in them, tabletop games, and even tools and assets to make your own games.

Because is an open platform, you can upload anything you make. Here are some of our favorites:

Lady of the Shard:

I can pretty confidently say that Lady of the Shard is one of my favorite comics not only on but on the internet as a whole. I want to be very up front about this: Lady of the Shard is VERY good.

LOTS is simultaneously about relationships and religion but never dives far enough into either that I was distracted from either by the other. The comic is also quite long but I never felt bogged down because the writing pushes you along at such a quick clip. Best of all? It’s through some technical wizardry you can read the entire comic in the browser for free.

Kenney Game Assets:

Maybe reading isn’t for you. Maybe you want to make games. Well Kenney’s Game Assets is here for you. Want to quickly prototype something, but don’t want to get bogged down making assets? BOOM, Kenney Game Assets. Is there a game jam coming up that you can’t find an artist for? Kenney Game Assets. Basically, if you’re looking to make a game quickly, Kenney Game Assets is for you.

Already have Kenney Game Assets? There are also roughly 6 bazillion other asset packs that Kenney has made so there’s always something to choose from.

Burly Men at Sea Soundtrack:

I read somewhere that game soundtracks are the perfect music to work to. I’m not sure about the science behind this claim, but after writing a few posts to the Burly Men at Sea soundtrack I’m willing to believe the hype.

Inspired by the game’s Scandinavian setting, you can expect the soundtrack to be full of whimsical instrumentation and charming samples scattered throughout. As it turns out it’s really difficult to be mad while listening to this. If you’re ready to feel like you’re in the most nautically themed Wes Anderson movie, the Burly Men at Sea Soundtrack is only $7.99.

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Because I can't leave a comment on the 'Lady of the Shard' page, I thought I'd leave one here. I absolutely loved this. I feel like it's a disservice to compare it to things like 'Land of the Lustrous' or 'Steven Universe' because it's so different, but it has a similar atmosphere in certain ways, in a VERY good way. I love the sapphic vibes, I love the use of color and contrast, and I love the mspaint art style, lol. If it were a printed out book, I'd buy it for sure. Have a lovely day! (P.s. Smooch power!!)

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