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it was posted on the discord just now

the theme is "one button"

my intention was to have them work as a hp system, instead of having a health-bar or a hp-icon, you have these 5 small dots acting almost as a tale,

it did not implement as well as i was hoping, but the idea is that each hit you take makes you loose one of your "followers", and then if you get hit without any followers left you have to start over.

i would definitely have done that if time permitted during the jam, i'll probably update it once the rating-period is over :)

thanks, it was a blast, wish i had more time to make the end more solid ^^

thet sounds like a good idea! thanks! might need to make a more complete version at some point :p
glad you liked it

indeed i did, it felt a bit basic, but i only had about 20 minuttes, its a simple arp-loop over some basic drums ^^

indeed, i did unfortunately not prioritize it enough, and see now that i should have done more with it before i ran out of time.

loved it!

this was a lot of fun! i found the most effective strat was to just run for it, but i di play around with the differnt characters as well, and specificly enjoyed the red rocket-slime!

good work!

it felt complete, somehow, despite beeing so short! amazing work!

i didnt find the last 2 seeds, but i still had fun playing, so soothing

unfortunately the mouse-selection was off and hence i could not truly enjoy the experience, but with the calming music to soothen my frustration i sat back and looked around the world instead, with some nice art i think this project has a solid foundation, and with minor adjustments in execution it could have been great.

My submission:

unfortunatley the movement is a tad.... challenging for my part, however the overall idea and execution was really great, and i loved the story-element of it all!

my submission:

matched the theme perfectly, in my opinion at least, this was a super-fun experience, and i wish it lasted longer! with some minor visual improvements and a better score this game could easily be published as a casual stand-alone! keep it up!

my submission:

didnt read anything first, just dove in, it took about 3 seconds before i realised what was going on, and once i did it struck me that this is probably among the more brilliant takes on the theme! job well done! this is an amazing submission,

my submission:

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the look and feel of this game, so good!

my submission:

The visuals were amazing, i wish the tie-in to the theme was more comprehensive, it seems like the game could have functioned just as well without the introductory scene, however i loved the gameplay, and again, it looks stunning, from the menu and the splash-images to the visual effects this seems profesional thru and thru,

i'd love it if you check out my submission as well: