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Adam Ratai

A member registered Jun 08, 2016

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Hey, very cool game, but can I play with FIRENDS as advertised, not a one Friend at a time?

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Hi! I just stuck, headless, near to waterfall, cannot move. I will respawn, but made screenshot for you. Very cool game, thanks!

 Aaaannnndddd.. upsie. I'm in a even bigger problem. O gosh, a robot warns me to be careful with a wrench, haha

This game is the most creative thing I saw this year. Great job! Congratulations.

Great! Very smart idea.

Finally in Steam version I just went to tutorial again, and voila - using special abilities explained. Maybe I should think about it bit earlier.


I downloaded latest beta, and still cannot figure out how to use "special abilities" using pad only. Now you can choose ability, but not use it, last time it was easy to deploy it, but to choose mouse was needed. If it is implemented now, maybe it should be described better. (I think first RT should chose ability, and second use it, but it's not working that way).


Using pad is much more streamlined, althought there is few small inconveniences - I reported playstation/Xbox icons mismatch in one place, and lack of button information in popup windows (when you give back cards to chief). But its a minor, pad is much better suited to play than mouse/keyboard combo.


Loot Rascals community · Created a new topic And I did it!
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Hi, it's me, Adam ;)!

I think most of my bug reports were just mess - game is very polished and there was not may real bugs I think. (But you cannot leave the game while making bug report, windows interfere with each other but I don't think bug reports will be a part of full game ;).) it is very cool to write inside a game, and I think if it isn't the case you will save you lot of trouble with my "bugreports". Today I first time finished Rascals, it was a surprise, because I was sure that I need get to all 5 levels. So I still have 5 level to see and 13% of cards to loot, so it is not the end. My thought is - reveal map card is a bit overpowered, althought it is not easy to help chief twice.

I love this game, and I wish it to have commercial success - sadly lot of people told me that my taste in games it strange, to put it lightly, so I'm not very representative. I found it fun, (even animations are funny, that's outstanding) very engaging and replayable - althought after learning the basics I just play daily challenges.

On Surface one it works like a charm, it even not make it very hot - and look stunning (FTL can burn a hole in concret on the same hardware and eveybody knows how it looks). I'm graphician myself and I wish I will be participating in something looking that good in future. It's not only about graphics, but animations, atmosphere, timings, music and sound effects.

I would like to change something - maybe additional steering method will be cool. Few times I died just because I go not exactly in direction I'll liked to - in hard tactic moments when every step counts it will be nice to click on hex I would like to go to be sure. But maybe I'm just a noob, or I just choose bad controls - I was playing on mouse and keyboard, from tomorrow I will try to use pad, and I will report how it goes.

I would like to thank and greet all the people involved in this - mechanics are sweet, graphics is beautifull, jokes are funny. I wait eagerly for DLC, Loot Rascals 2 or a NEW game from Hollow Ponds.


I just want to wholeheartedly agree with this comment. Game is so fun and good looking that it is fun to play, winning is just one of a many rewards. In fact I still didn't finished it ;).