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Adam Procter

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The confusion of what to do in Connectory is much like your first day handling real calls in a tech call centre. 

But unlike a real call centre this is a wonderfully addictive game. The charm of the visuals and sound design are excellent. 

I’m not sure I’ll ever connect 10 calls but we shall see…

I would like a little more or even just a smudge of some onboarding as the replay value is great but I fear many players will be put off if they don’t connect anything in their first couple of runs. 

Be useful to see final score on the end screen and I’d love an iPad version. 

I understand originally created for a game jam but even so I do hope a few little updates to tweak game experience. 

pixijs is super cool

The form is locked ? so cant send feedback

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thanks Bobby version 4 is now out

version 4 is out lots of fixes

Thanks Bobby, version 3 is much expanded please take another look when you have a moment.

Version 3 is much expanded come and take another look.


Can we get a mac executable ?