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Thanks for this! I think it's a really nice way to create my VN characters!

Hello! I'm sorry to inform that this is mostly a side project that me and a friend are working on, so we may be a bit inconsistent with updates. But we will try our best to provide further updates to this game! 

oh hello! Sorry for the delay but if you are on android or ios just download the particular file and run the apk/iso and it should install the game for you, hope this helps! Apologies again for the late reply!

Just felt a little bad putting it up I guess, would you like to try it though? Sorry for the really late reply! 

thanks for the feedback! :)

I am currently working on a simple visual novel, this is my first attempt at making one so it may not be as good as some of the other games!

At the moment I am thinking the story is about a guy (the player), who moves to a high school in the city, where he meets 3 girls who them form a club with him, Club Doki Doki! With the goal of the club is to have their hearts race, they go on weird and crazy adventures! The player will also have different choices which will influence who they will end up with at the end!

Link to the page:

I believe that the story can be (and probably will be) improved upon and refined as time goes by. So if you guys have any suggestions of feedback it would be greatly appreciated!


Hello again!

If you guys have any tips or feedback for my game, it'll be really helpful! Thanks again!