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Thanks mate! Stay tuned for some more horror madness!!!

thanks mate!! :D

Hahaha!! I'm already on a planned journey for my game developer career, I can't promise a new version anytime soon hahaha.

I will think about that, thank you

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thank you!!

oh btw, a easter egg of your favorite character of one of my games was waiting to see you in the prison (town area). You missed him hahaha

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Thank you for your time and feedback!

I didn't make the pickups lit because I thought it would be interesting for the player to search in the dark while having a limited battery.

The flashlight does need to be adjusted and be pressed on a different button rather than G, yes. The reason why G was chosen was that when I tried to code it to be F is because it caused issues. However on another project I managed to get F as a key for flashlight.

The enemies do stop chasing you if you are far.

The weapons have different fire types, the flintlock (pistol) fires every time you click, and the assault rifle and shogun require you to hold the key to fire.

I could implement these changes, but I decided to let it go, and move on. I am already working on future projects and a similar game that has some of these issues resolved.

Your feedback is always appreciated, I learned a lot from you :) !!

Details of the new horror game are coming soon. But will be a short free game with more accessibility than this game.

Nice! just to be aware, most of my "experiments" don't always go on I usually post my experiments on my linked-in page, however, if there is one experiment apart from my future projects that is made to be playable with a full gameplay loop, then yes it goes on my page

Glad you got back into the game haha. As I mentioned in my port mortem, I was aware the "hello" was a bit repetitive, but again I didn't want to take too much time since it was an experimental project. 

Thanks for testing again haha

Thanks for the feedback! I wasn't intentionally trying to make the game difficult. You forget to scroll the wheel because you have 2 other weapons since the page hinted you have 3 weapons ( I forgot the players don't always bother to read the store page before playing the game, lol).

Yes, there are some spelling errors I got. I did some optimizing after launch to reduce unused files. So I can tweak up the grammar and put into a little more light posts and slow down the battery dim to make things a little easier to move around (I forget players get curious and look around easily).

I could have testers testing the game before launch, but I didn't want to take too much time because I have other experimentation projects to test before moving on to commercial projects (which would require full hands on deck).

The "zombie" was originally going to be a zombie game, but I thought it was generic and overused and decided to use a little more creative freedom to set itself apart from other zombie-like games without taking months to do so.

My grammar is getting better, but I just need more time and effort to maintain it.

 new audio may work since I have 1000s of royalty-free stuff that I want to look at and test its potential.

My apologies if your experience was troubled, I am happy to take bits of time to reduce its difficulty.

the game is out now, are you prepared to venture into the darkness? download the game and find out!

Thanks for your feedback. My apologies if the movement was a bit sluggish, I sure will do some further testing with it so it can be less sluggish next time. I hope you enjoyed the game :)

that's right :D

sorry to hear, it could be the crystals were inside the walls when the enemies were killed, I will make sure the colliders are there so it can easily be spotted

thanks mate, I will run it through the team later

Thank you, your feedback is really appreiciated! :)


Thanks for the time and feedback.
We had some big hiccups along the road, we apologize that you didn't have fun with the combat and puzzles much.

If we managed to have more time and less hiccups, we would make the puzzles and combat a better experience for you. 

HI, do you like Horror games? try this one! A game I designed, programmed and made some 3D art myself.

HI, do you like Horror games? try this one! A game I designed, programmed and made some 3D art myself.

interesting game, but I got stuck after I collected some sort of injection thing from engineer storage. The enemy astronaut in my opinion didn't look scary because it didnt look menacing, it had trouble walking around, and their was no sound. I properly suggest making the level smaller so that way you guys can spend more time including sound, fixing AI and death hud bug.

Other than that: good job! 

Thank you for your feedback :)

Our programmers didn't have enough time to fix the "white effect", so we apologise for that.


Defiantly!! Once you and your friends play this game be sure leave me feedback, your feedback helps us make better and enjoyable games.

Don't forget your Xbox plug in controllers!! 

thanks haha. We actually call them Zanics, but glad you had fun.

Thanks for trying the game!! yeah, the cut scenes were a bit long, I should have added a skip button next time or tone down the amount of text. I did forget to mention you can also run by holding shift, but its not very logical for this game. If more people cant get past Butch, I will tone down his looking speed. Anyway, thanks for your comments and playthrough, I found them amusing!