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Adam Burt

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Thank you for playing and commenting! I'll look into your suggestion.

Thank you for playing and for commenting! I revel in your discomfort 😂

Thanks for playing, and for commenting! :)

Thank you for taking the time to play it and comment! I appreciate it :)

I have heard rumours that some people are so pure hearted, and so warm, that they've broken the scale for how warm you can be :D Congratulations on being one of those people! And thanks for playing. I'm going to fix that bug when I get chance!

Thanks for taking the time to check it out! :)

Thank you for playing!

You certainly captured the feeling of having no control over a vehicle moving on ice :) Fun little kart race type thing, thanks for sharing!

The penguin is sooooo cuuuute. I enjoyed your interpretation of the limitation here. At first I thought "So I just stand here?" and then when I got above 10 I understood why it mattered! Great artwork.

I had fun playing this! Sometimes it felt like the jump could've been a bit more forgiving, it took me a few goes to get past certain bits. But I enjoyed the concept. I wasn't sure how the limitation applied until I read your description, now I get it.

Thank you for checking it out! I agree with you that some ambient audio would go a long way. Maybe something I can add in future! 

That was definitely a big inspiration and influence on this piece! I appreciate you taking the time to check it out.

My enjoyment was strong with this one! Not sure about the use of the limitation, it never felt like it impacted my ability to do what I wanted so I just played it like normal golf :) But hitting slime into a giant hole is always a good time!

Nice idea. I actually also think the aesthetic mostly suits it, with the thermal imaging vibes! I struggled to make it warm though, everything just kept going cold again :D

Cool concept, really makes use of the limitation. Well done!

Thank you for checking it out!

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for checking it out! I had fun trying to map classic review concepts onto a text-adventure-esque structure. Great idea for a jam :)