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WDC community · Created a new topic WDC 1.18.399 Released

Main new feature in this release is the ability to export in UWMF format for use with ECWolf. This feature is somewhat experimental and might go through some changes over the next few releases.

Single letter shortcuts have been added to the map and image editors which will hopefully improve their usability.

  • Added: Ability to export maps in UWMF for use with ECWolf. See: File -> Export to WAD, then Options -> Export Maps in UWMF and Options -> Additional ECWolf Settings for more information.
  • Added: Ability to set up flat textures for plane 3 which can be used with ECWolf. These are used to create an xlat lump and as part of the UWMF map if exporting in that format.
  • Fixed: Pasting to a map while the map is scrolled was causing the map piece to be pasted to bounced around.
  • Fixed: Copying a section of a map or image then changing the zoom level works better than it did before.
  • Fixed: Selection box behaves better after completing a paste on the map.
  • Added: Project Information -> Other Options: "Ignore top row and left column while error checking maps" for projects that use the top row or left column for map settings that error checking should ignore.
  • Added: Single letter shortcuts for map and image edit tools (Pencil is P, Flood Fill is F, etc. See button tooltips.)
  • Added: Single letter shortcuts for Int (I), Hi Byte (H) and Low Byte (L) map editing modes.
  • Added: Press a number key to change planes while editing maps.
  • Added: Ctrl+Click to temporarily use the Tile Picker tool.
  • Fixed: Pasting past the edge while scrolled right or down in the map and image editors now pastes correctly.
  • Fixed: Map coordinates would sometimes not be fully visible in hexadecimal mode.

The previous version has been left up in case this release has issues.

WDC community · Created a new topic WDC 1.17.396 Released

Fixed: Exporting walls in non-hires projects to WAD/PK3/PK7 would duplicate the walls in "hires" namespace. Bug introduced in 1.17.395

WDC community · Created a new topic WDC 1.17.395 Released

Several fixes, some for bugs that have been around for a long time:

  • Fixed: The last byte of all AUDIOT chunks was being removed when compiling.
  • Fixed: An extra byte was being exported when exporting any AUDIOT chunk to a file or WAD/PK3/PK7.
  • Fixed: If the first music chunk in AUDIOT is 4 bytes or less, it will be set to "\0\0\0\0NULL" so that it can be detected by WDC again.
  • Fixed: Can now set digital sound chunks to 0 length files to clear a sound when exporting the VSWAP.
  • Fixed: Exporting WL1 projects now exports null digital sound chunks correctly. Previously some sounds would be duplicated in the null chunks.
  • Fixed: Exporting WL1-based projects to WAD/PK3/PK7 should work now. Lumps with blank names are skipped rather than throwing an error. Null pictures export as empty lumps/files.
  • Fixed: When exporting to WAD/PK3/PK7, music chunks with no music data export as empty lumps/files.
  • Fixed: Exporting WAD/PK3/PK7 from hi-res base files works now.
  • Fixed: Exporting to PK3/PK7 would sometimes fail when exporting to a file not located on the same drive as the temp folder.
  • Added: WAD/PK3/PK7 export window now has an "Unselect menu".
  • Added: WAD/PK3/PK7 export window has an Options menu with togglable "Export Empty Chunks As Marker Lumps" settings and two ways of exporting hi-res walls.
  • Fixed: Using the map editor on planes 1 or 2 no longer causes all planes to be draw in the edited tile when "Draw plane 3 and higher only when it is the current plane" is checked.
WDC community · Created a new topic WDC 1.17.394 Released
Minor update that adds a new item to Preferences: Other - Default Project Folder. This sets the initial folder for the browse dialog used when creating, saving, or opening a project.
WDC community · Created a new topic WDC 1.17.393 Released

A few fixes and additions.

  • Added: CatBuster.ini information for GOG version of Catacomb Apocalypse (v1.01 rev 1).
  • Added: Map definition file for Catacomb Armageddon (ARM.wmc).
  • Changed: UNLZEXE process now defaults its output file with "-UNLZEXE" appended to its name rather than default to overwriting the original file.
  • Fixed: Export to WAD/PK3/PK7 is now disabled when no project is open.
  • Fixed: Project files with missing or invalid UNC paths or filenames no longer cause the program to crash.
  • Fixed: Test Project is now disabled when attempting to open a project with invalid information and canceling the project information screen.
WDC community · Created a new topic WDC 1.17.392 Released

Fixed: Map Find/Replace still wasn't setting the search plane. Also occurred when using Cut/Copy Planes.

WDC community · Created a new topic WDC 1.17.391 Released

A couple of bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Map Find/Replace wasn't setting the search plane when loading the window and thus would default to the walls plane unless manually changed.
  • Fixed: Subscript errors would occur when loading a project with more planes than the previous depending on map view settings.
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Instead of keeping all textures, sprites, and digital sounds in a VSWAP file like Wolfenstein 3D, Corridor 7 keeps its textures and sprites in GFXTILES.CO7 and its digital sounds in AUDIOMUS.CO7. If you change some of the sounds using WDC you may notice that the game no longer loads them correctly.

Whereas Wolfenstein 3D read the digital sound page header information from the last page in the file, Corridor 7 instead has hard-coded values in its EXE that need to be changed to match the AUDIOMUS offset.

EXE Filename Offset Original Byte Values Original AUDIOMUS Offset
CORR7CD.EXE 0x3B66A 44 01 00 40 14 00 0x00144000
C7.EXE (Floppy Version) 0x2FE38 B9 00 00 90 0B 00 0x000B9000

The first two bytes at the offset represent an int16 for the number of pages in the file. (Remember, these bytes are little-endian.)

The next four bytes are an int32 for the page header offset within AUDIOMUS. Since each page is 0x1000 (4096) bytes, the number of pages in the file is the same as the header offset divided by 0x1000 (or simply remove the last 3 zeroes).

So if you compile the "VSWAP" (as WDC calls it) for your Corridor 7 project, you will get new GFXTILES and AUDIOMUS files. To make sure the sounds work as they should:

  1. Check the size of AUDIOMUS (ex: 1,331,200 bytes).
  2. Convert that to hexadecimal (0x145000).
  3. Since we want the last page in the file, subtract 4096 (0x1000) from the size (result: 0x144000).
  4. Replace the bytes in the EXE at the offset listed above. Drop the last three zeroes to get the number of pages (44 01), then add the offset itself (00 40 14 00).

I used DOSBox to record sounds from the game and then compared them to sounds extracted from the data while adjusting their sample rate to determine that the sample rate used for digital sounds in Corridor 7 is 9009 Hz instead of 7042 Hz as Wolfenstein 3D uses. This rate corresponds to Sound Blaster frequency divisor value of 145.

WDC community · Created a new topic WDC 1.17.390 Released

Major bug fix. Map editing was broken in previous version.

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It was never intended for WDC to ever edit games other than Wolfenstein 3D and games that use its engine. Nitemare 3D map editing was patched into the editor, but the process isn't very user-friendly (I admit it myself).

Since WDC can only edit Wolfenstein 3D's GAMEMAPS style map files, you much first create a Wolfenstein 3D-based project. Then go to Import/Export -> Import Map, select "Nitemare 3D MAP Files" in the file type drop down, find the Nitemare 3D MAP file you want to edit (MAP.1, MAP.2, or MAP.3), and hit OK.

Now go back to File -> Project Information and click the "..." button on the "Map Data File" line. Select the Nitemare3D-MAPS*.wmc file that matches the MAP file you just imported, ie: Nitemare3D-MAPS1.wmc for MAP.1. It's very important that you do not change any of the map symbols for these file types because the symbol names contain data in them that also gets translated into the MAP file.

Make your changes to the maps. When you're done, go to Map Tools -> Export Multiple Maps and click the right arrow to move your maps from the left to the right side (MAP.1 has 11 maps, MAP.2 and .3 have 10). This still will be easier if you remove all of the non-Nitemare 3D maps from inside the editor. Click OK, set your file name and save. Be sure to use the same file name as your imported!

Play the game and try our your new levels!

I believe the Nitemare 3D can allow for any number of maps, but I'm not sure.

WDC community · Created a new topic WDC 1.17.389 Released
Quick bug fixes from the previous release.
  • Added: "Draw plane 3 and higher only when it is the current edit plane" map view option.
  • Fixed: Old web and email addresses.
  • Fixed: Find code in map would crash when a project had more than 8 planes. (Bug introduced in 1.17.388.)
  • Fixed: Map Tools->Mass Replace would crash when a project had more than 8 planes. (Bug introduced in 1.17.388.)
  • Fixed: Map Tools->Mass Replace would start to replace every tile on the search plane, not just the given tile codes.
  • Changed: File- and folder-related project information fields are now textboxes instead of labels. ie: They can be typed/pasted into.
  • Fixed: ShellExecute commands used to open folders would falsely report an error. (Bug introduced in 1.17.388.)