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The whip animation was too long and it felt like it was stopping the game to whip for too long. Sometimes the character gets on obstacles or in the wall if you're too close

But the music is absolutely amazing and the pixel art is great

Original idea. I like the shadow effect in the dark realm

The camera is quite janky and hard to control. I think the focal point was too close. A cool concept though. I think with some polishing this game could be very good. Nice music but the bullet hit audio is quite agressive

The design is clean, I like its simplicity. I found some of the game play tedious at times but otherwise pretty nice game

Thanks for the positive feedback :) The sound part was my responsibility so that's my bad. I'll make sure to improve it! It is a mix of penguin cheering sounds with a kind of celebration music in the background. I think I'll have to improve the celebration music ;)

Love it. Potential for some really interesting puzzles. A few parts had me stumped

Pretty hard but really addictive. Good work :)

Movement is very fluid but I'm not sure if the attack button was working correctly for me. I love the art and the landscapes!

Wild .. I ended up outside the ship. Not sure if it's meant to happen but definitely out of control! :) Fun concept