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Sorry about that! I hope to get better in the future.

Thank you so much, Mario galaxy is what I was going for!  Yeah, the music was pretty bad though, I should probably work on composing some time =)

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Yes, I'm aware of the bug and will definitely fix it in future versions. There is a shop at the bottom though, where you can buy different upgrades including extra arrows, and arrow speed. Thanks for playing!

it's randomized

So many companies have teased sequels, but they never came. I really, really hope this is different! Out of all the games that I've played in my LIFE... I think this one is most deserving of more amazing content.

Absolutely god damn amazing. Possible GOTY contender?

The game was really fun, and it was funny how the fish wanted the coin so badly. It was kinda hard in some places, but I got through them and when I beat the game I felt really happy!

I've had a couple people say it would be better in the middle, I plan to release a non-jam version in a few days

I think i genuinely enjoyed this.

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Tim has an entire town named after him, yet he has the smallest house. 🤔😋

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It would be nice to see boundaries as to where you can and can't walk. A scoring system would also be good

Topplin' is a physics based puzzle game where you have to place pins in order to complete different objectives. There are two modes, with 50 levels in total. In tower mode, your goal is to keep a tower from falling using the least amount of pins possible. In basket mode, you have to get a colored marble into its corresponding basket, again, using the least amount of pins possible. Please take a look, and feedback would be appreciated!

Tower Mode Level 5

Tower Mode
Basket Mode Level 5
Basket Mode