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It's a fairly simple & short game, but it's not obtrusive.

Too bad this isn't playable.

The intro cutscene reminds me of Cyber 8, good job.

In the game there's no health bar, can you add it ?

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What's the difference between the GDW and Promo version ?

The design of the game is nice, but i have no clue where to go.

The space doesn't work.

Can somebody do an walkthrough ?

I like this game memeingful visuls, too bad the game goes nowhere.

I don't know why, but i lost my save file over the night..

I have trouble even getting to the part where my last save was..

I think that fly hack would be especially useful for this trouble..

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I think that the swimming in the water is a bit too fast.. It shall be slower..

Could you add some cheats (like flying..), it's incredibly difficult..

Hey there, after months of little updates, i was worried that the project got scraped. It's nice to see it continued. ^_^

I like some of the new creative ideas like red flame out of the checkboi head.

The transition from castle room back to the crossway seems fitting.

I followed the spike on the top, and there is a green cube that shows to press 'F', when i press it, nothing seems to happen.

Is that end of the area ? Would be niče if it continued from the top of the balloon, let's say through a hole in the wall.

Are you familiar with an addon for Unity called "Realtime_CSG" ? It woold be good for boolean operations like these.

There's a staircase path on the top of the castle that doesn't seem to lead anywhere, too.

I found there's a hidden door near the top of the tower next to das baloon, but i can't enter it.

Then i visited the zeroth floor mushroom area. I got a bit lost for a while, the floor is hardly recognizable sometimes due to the posterization and lack of texture. I think a unlit shader would fit it better if you decide to keep the posterizer effect, because this way it distorts the shading..

There's quite dark in there, i think having two directional lights, each settled in opposite direction, both slighty facing down, might help.

I think that increasing ambient lighting would be better option, though, as the platforms that are above me would still stay dark.

In the part where mushroom grew of the wall, i didn't knew what to do, and kept falling down. I watched walkthrough to see that i shall come to the path on the left. It would be nice to have an arrow pointing there.

I liked the elevator with fence and mushrooms on it.

However, as the path split into two directions, i was not sure which way i should go first. I think that to make this clearer, going one way shall always unlock the other way, so a scenario where i would go one path and never visits another could happen,.

There are some changes in my perception from the first time i played the game..

The perpsective-skewed floor in the castle section now seems jarring a bit. The rotating lights are still catching my attention, but they're not fully visible with the posterization filter.

It would be nice to have a part where the ambient light would take a rest, and the lights would be used through a platforming segment..

I had a brief imagery about how Flutie used his nose as a water tap, i wonder if it would fit somewhere.

The game is quite challenging sometimes, and i'm not sure if i could finish it in one run. Could ya add auto-save feature ? Or it would be nice to have an easy mode with more checkpoints along the way.

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Could you add a preference to turn off the PSX effects ?

It looks quite jarring to me, and makes the game hard-to-play, i would like to give it a chance, yet..


Could you put the feature in the game, or signalise it by making the squash & stretching yellow question mark above the rascal lamp disappear.

It's a fresh game so far, but sometimes i might forget to use the lamp.

It has a very simple, but freshly cute aesthetics.

Though i think there shall be some texture on the snow, like the one on the snowball.

I liked the lighting alot, does it use the default Unity lighting system ?

Lovely visual design, especially the outdoors, and i like some of the gameplay, but sadly the polish is quite weak,  i think it shall have least small textures, higher ambient lighting, as some areas are too dark to see in. Sometimes the player doesn't roatate along with the rotating shapes.

This is a quite dank-lookin' game (even though there isn't much memery present in there), however it's quite confusing alot of times how to progress without losing health, and the limit of 5 noobcounts seems a bit non-necessary.. ^u^

Hard to play, though, without a walkthrough without resorting to trial & error.. u_u

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Quite a nice game, albeit the graphics are a bit simplistic..

There are some tiny aesthetics issues,  such as that in my opinion the green thing at the end shall have a texture, but overally it have been quite immersive and diverse, albeit all being in one forest..

There a lot of tiny masterpieces (or at least decent works) that are sadly quite underexposed..

Keyboard presses doesn't work for me.. (WebGL)

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Some of the parts look surprisingly pretty professional and appealin', like the buildings texture, and the composition of the "Under Construction" parts.

Some parts look quite awkward to me, like the SS Central Station (i might not be that surprised if Waffen-SS would be there in the next update), altough the Shaggy slows down a lot inside, which look a bit out of place..

The runnin' being slower than regular speed might need better execution and context..

Also, when Shaggy enters some dark garage or something like that, the slower walking might be better with proper animation (+ crouch)

The part of Kung Fu Panda surprisingly got me though, and it would be noice if it was extended, perhaps with some interaction..

Then i would recommend to polish more the Mystery Machine texture, and play a bit with the lighting..

(The networking default UI and the blue cube with instructions obviously as well)

I also can't get near enough some buildings..

Some aspects felt like an official Scooby Doo game, so it would be nice if the official look of the early charming 3D SD games would get properly mixed with some weirdness..

Also, i hope that the critique wasn't a bit annoy-full at times..


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I never before looked into the Metadata tab (primarily probably 'cause i didin't quite notice that, maybe would be better if it was in Bold Text)

I think that the 2D/3D option (the 2.5D or Text game would be as secondary options) should be in main "Edit Game" tab, many people don't realize that games shall be classified by tag as 3D (there are only about 8 times more games classified with the 3D tag than with the 3D platformer..).. For me it's perhaps just as important as the "Platform" & "Price" tag so far..

Also, i think all the games with the Unity/Unreal Engine tag should automatically move such tag into the Engine tab, it makes it confusing when there is both a tab & tag for it.. If such option was made, i also think it would be nice if all "2D" and "3D" tag games would move into their respective dimensionalities..

Oh, i see now, sometimes i write things that i didn't well-thought before..

I wonder though, why is the build paid, when the SRC is free, and doesn't it technically give a permission for anyone to rebuild and share it ?

I think that the Engine (Unity, Unreal..) and Dimensionality (2D, 3D, 2.5)

Very few games actually use from what i've seen the '3D' tag, so this might help..

You have wrong tagging here, i believe..

The Mozilla Public License & Open-source tag is reserved for games that freely share their source (assets, code)..

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I would also recommend to lower difficulty by making the elves slower/stay on ground for longer/purposely worsening their search algorithm & make the snowballs unable to move the ice cubes, possibly make the ice cube movement faster..

And add an arrow pointin' to where the Christmas gifts are, with varying difficulties, at Easy it'll show you always, at Medium once you found all, at Hard never..

The escape button seems to be not working in the final level as well..


This is an odd one..

I usually came around with games that have nice polish, but very shallow level design..

This one has it quite opposite, which is a favorable combination for me - the problem is though that the polish level is so tiny that it actually seem to hurt the game, i would recommend you to add some textures, doesn't need to be anything special, just search few minutes for a cute nether dirt texture and try to add a little bit more complex lighting, and it might up the game by for some people decently large margin, yet..

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Hey, wouldn't ya matter to open-source the game on Github ? I think it would make the modding easier (not sure if ModTools enables extractin' assets)..

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My comment disappeared as the comment type was switched to a forum-like type.

I think it was about a dead-path in LVL 2 (


And that when i'm moving a box, a flying letter of what should i press should show up, in-case of forgetting in quick-action

(if anyone would disagree, there could be a switčable option, then..

Also, would be nice to have the ModTools & Load/Save game add-ons.. (both free/MIT license, yet on Github, at least..)

Are these ideas fine ?

I would like to see the reply i got, but it got removed along with my comment..

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Nice cutesy aesthetics yett, i have few criticisms for it, so far, though..

There seems to be a dead end in the lvl 2., is that on purpose ?

(As seen here.. At 9th minute, 6th second..)

And then, i think it would be better, to always show up a "W" sign, when i'm nearby a box, the keycodes might be easy to forget, and it's impracitcal to look-up the table in quick action..


Hope to see more so far, though! ^‿^'

(my comments felt cold, perhaps, if i didn't ended them on an good note, so let's try this, then..)

You shall put some noise over the textures to make them look less simplistic.

And probably get rid of the low-poly look..

Tried the 1.3 demo...

The graphics in the game are nicely aesthetic for me, but once again all that work is ruined by the awkward gameplay, this time i wasn't even able to play the level.

First off, when i clicked play and it showed me the storyboardz, there was already no 'Next' button and the SBz oddly went from one to another in seemingly fixed interval.

Then it went to split-screen (you might add an option to online co-op on some point...), but i wasn't able to move it as the game is settled to two joysticks with no setting for keyboard (↑ ← → ↓ and WASD), the title screen has no picture in it...

It gets pretty challening if it's students work and you can't pick who to work with, but for this product it might be worth it to continue in dis path...

Also might be better if you added a regular 3D character (or maybe custom FBX character import).

As i haven't found a walkthrough and i'm myself too lazy to connect a joystick i guess it's first person shooting with snowballz ?

This game has quite nice graphics yet, quite sadly again it falls into the rather boring (4 me) puzzle genre rather than an exploration-driven 3D platformer...

Needs a bit more polish & attention to detail.

The snow level felt unfinished, and at parts disjointed, at the part where i jumped upwards the tiny cliff it didn't had a unified direction, so o had to frequently jump off in order to get forward. I also expected the ice tunnel to go somewhere inside, and it all felt pretty short.
Just as i beggined playing the next spooky level, as i enter the graveyard i imagined camera being directed at the gate and it closing itself (like a tiny cutscene). I also noticed that the bars i touched so far don't have MeshCollider, so i can go through them.
Also would be nice if you open-sourced it, there are pretty few decent open-sourced games to experiment (Hat in Time has modding support packed with editor and would be exactly that type of game that would be nice modifying, even though me modifying  it would probably make it just worse).

Dis ain't a 3d platformer, is it ?

I wonder how it would look like if i was able to move there in 3 dimensions. Also would be quite better if the terrains weren't so low-poly, even though the 3D is a priority for me.

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I hope it's a intense, story-driven gameplay excelence as the Iluminatis told me.

Edit: 1/420911666

Okay, it's something completely else than i expected. Everything fine, but my eyes... Feel like i just got another ADHD.

Oh, and why is that seizure red-yellow platform skipping levels ? It should restart 'em!