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You shall put some noise over the textures to make them look less simplistic.

And probably get rid of the low-poly look..

Tried the 1.3 demo...

The graphics in the game are nicely aesthetic for me, but once again all that work is ruined by the awkward gameplay, this time i wasn't even able to play the level.

First off, when i clicked play and it showed me the storyboardz, there was already no 'Next' button and the SBz oddly went from one to another in seemingly fixed interval.

Then it went to split-screen (you might add an option to online co-op on some point...), but i wasn't able to move it as the game is settled to two joysticks with no setting for keyboard (↑ ← → ↓ and WASD), the title screen has no picture in it...

It gets pretty challening if it's students work and you can't pick who to work with, but for this product it might be worth it to continue in dis path...

Also might be better if you added a regular 3D character (or maybe custom FBX character import).

As i haven't found a walkthrough and i'm myself too lazy to connect a joystick i guess it's first person shooting with snowballz ?

This game has quite nice graphics yet, quite sadly again it falls into the rather boring (4 me) puzzle genre rather than an exploration-driven 3D platformer...

Needs a bit more polish & attention to detail.

The snow level felt unfinished, and at parts disjointed, at the part where i jumped upwards the tiny cliff it didn't had a unified direction, so o had to frequently jump off in order to get forward. I also expected the ice tunnel to go somewhere inside, and it all felt pretty short.
Just as i beggined playing the next spooky level, as i enter the graveyard i imagined camera being directed at the gate and it closing itself (like a tiny cutscene). I also noticed that the bars i touched so far don't have MeshCollider, so i can go through them.
Also would be nice if you open-sourced it, there are pretty few decent open-sourced games to experiment (Hat in Time has modding support packed with editor and would be exactly that type of game that would be nice modifying, even though me modifying  it would probably make it just worse).

Dis ain't a 3d platformer, is it ?

I wonder how it would look like if i was able to move there in 3 dimensions. Also would be quite better if the terrains weren't so low-poly, even though the 3D is a priority for me.

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I hope it's a intense, story-driven gameplay excelence as the Iluminatis told me.

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Okay, it's something completely else than i expected. Everything fine, but my eyes... Feel like i just got another ADHD.

Oh, and why is that seizure red-yellow platform skipping levels ? It should restart 'em!