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One hell of a game! Looks and feels absolutely amazing. Super engaging, the visuals, sound, and art are all so engaging - as is the combat system. Love the mouse-tracking sort-of-constant movement thing! Absolutely love the game. Great job to everyone! 
Would love to see more things added and/or a full version!

Hey, friend; is it too late to steal it from you? I got 542. xD

A friend of mine just told me about this. I absoultely loved it!!! Had one hell of a blast trying to top the leaderboards; and indeed I did so, with a score of 542! :>
Not only did I score a 208 points lead, but I have a 42 in my score!!!

PS: Playerr.lua, line 5, brreakTime = 42
Is that an intended 42?!!!

I really loved the game mechanics, I like that the movement doesn't smooth you out of corners, makes it more challenging. I also  loved the soundtrack and sfx.

If I have one complain, it's the I wish the store page explained things a bit more. I know the first stat is speed, but I'm still a bit uncertain of what the other two are. Also does the snow-map slow you down with depths more than the others?

Really great job, good sir, you made one hell of a jam-entry! I'd give it a solid 9.7/10 overall-score, IMHO. (A 10/10 on sfx/bgm AND concept.)

Disclaimer: I understand this place is a couple years old. I hope this doesn't count as a necro.