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I'm love this

(Apologies ahead of time, I'm having a not-very-good-with-words day but hopefully the things I say make sense.)

This game is absolutely incredible! I especially like all the collectables and uh... side content? like stuff that you don't need to do to finish the game. I liked that a lot. Also I don't know what some of these people are talking about, Cauldy is adorable! (I may have named my cauldren.) Honestly too many good points to list them all. 

I did find a small problem, I guess not exactly a glitch but there is a ledge on the outside of the house at the garden that the player can pretty easily jump onto that leads around the back of the house to a lower grassy area that you can drop down into but can't jump back out of except by falling out of the map on one side. 

That said the only suggestions I would make would be maybe to add an option to skip the tutorial for people who replay it and I would say a save funciton but I assume the full game will have that. Maybe a counter on the items picked up page that's (number of items picked up)/(total number of items) for completionists.

Overall, extremely good and I will definitely be picking up the full game when it comes out!

Inclars also work really well, those are what won the successful round I got

I agree though, fun and good game

Yes, good. 5/5 would pigeon again

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Ok. So, when you launch the game, it just extracts the files from the .rar and then closes. To actually play it (after you click "launch" to extract the files) you have to go to your appdata roaming folder (search for %appdata% on your computer), go into the "itch" folder, then the "apps" folder, then the "archipelago" folder, but the application there isn't the game itself. Open the folder also named "archipelago" inside that folder and that's where the game is.

Wait, control key? I thought it said... Ok I might have read something wrong, sorry about that.

The command/windows key being what you use to only select one of an item is very annoying, as every time I press it the start menu of my computer pops up. Otherwise seems pretty good.