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(Apologies ahead of time, I'm having a not-very-good-with-words day but hopefully the things I say make sense.)

This game is absolutely incredible! I especially like all the collectables and uh... side content? like stuff that you don't need to do to finish the game. I liked that a lot. Also I don't know what some of these people are talking about, Cauldy is adorable! (I may have named my cauldren.) Honestly too many good points to list them all. 

I did find a small problem, I guess not exactly a glitch but there is a ledge on the outside of the house at the garden that the player can pretty easily jump onto that leads around the back of the house to a lower grassy area that you can drop down into but can't jump back out of except by falling out of the map on one side. 

That said the only suggestions I would make would be maybe to add an option to skip the tutorial for people who replay it and I would say a save funciton but I assume the full game will have that. Maybe a counter on the items picked up page that's (number of items picked up)/(total number of items) for completionists.

Overall, extremely good and I will definitely be picking up the full game when it comes out!

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We're very happy you enjoyed the game, especially the collectables and extras! A team favorite is a giant gnome hidden in plain sight. As for escaping the map, you think you fix all the gaps but there are always more hiding...Thank you for pointing it out :)