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Hmm something seems off about the filter there, but when in normal map mode, artifacts can currently happen on low blur amounts for some objects.

The upcoming version (free update) should vastly improve quality and fix a few bugs, but I don't have a timeframe on it yet!

Correct. It smooths out everything!

Hey! I tested and did encounter a problem with 2020 (6.1.1).

Just uploaded a hotfix that's working great on my end! Let me know if it works for you as well.



Ah. It doesn't rely on details that are already present in the normal map to do its thing! A hard edged cube should automatically be softened when you enable the normal mapping mode.

Library is the option at the bottom of the import dialog. It should automatically be set to import as a Filter.

How do you mean?

In Painter, the filter generates soft normals automatically by telling Painter to generate world space normals, tangents, and bitangents behind the scenes.

Designer doesn't have anything to automate the process so you just need to open up the baker and generate those textures directly from the low poly.

Hopefully this addresses your question but lmk if not. I'll be putting together a user guide in the coming week too!

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Can you send me the email you purchased with, either dm me on twitter or email me at -removed-. I'll check on my end if it was mistyped or if there were any other problems visible to me.

If you purchased via an account it should appear in your Library.

Yes, the next update will improve that by 2-4x for many models, as well as allow you to select which parts of the model you want to voxelize which allows for incredibly high resolution! See the two imgs in this thread.

And I'm exploring more options to improve quality even further in the future.

Interesting idea! I'd have to think about how it could be accomplished.
I do plan to support a 3D non-uniform blur though! In the v1.5 update it will let you paint edge width for the soft normal maps I demoed.

You can also get a perpetual license through steam, though of course the up front cost is higher. Especially so if you want both Designer and Painter.

I believe they give you 1 year of updates if you go that route!

Not at this time. It's coded within Substance and so can only work with programs that support Substance Filters.

Hi! I don't have anything formally typed up yet but the gist is the studio license covers unlimited users within one studio!

Hi! To support continued development, the way I've managed it is that fractional versions (1.5, etc) are free updates, and the whole version numbers are separate products.

Gumroad doesn't support upgrades, and so when I launched 2.0, I ran an upgrade sale.

2.5 (and a soon to come 2.6) were free upgrades to 2.0, and any existing 2.0 customers on Gumroad can still get those for free.

The email to 1.0/1.5 customers was unfortunately timed because shortly after, Gumroad had a public meltdown and I pulled my products in response.

I'll probably run another sale here in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Added! Check the description.

Was holding out for the 1.5 update.

Hi! That email was only sent out to people who purchased Pixel8r 1.0 (which had a free v1.5 update) but not Pixel8r 2.0.

Pixel8r 2.0 (and its free v2.5 update) was always a separate purchase on Gumroad. I have just moved stores.

Anyone who previously purchased 2.0 on Gumroad is still able to download the latest updates.

If you *did* purchase 2.0 and still got that email, you probably did it without an account or via a different email address. If that is the case, check your emails for your receipt and you'll have a link to access the download page, where you can get 2.5.

It should! I don't really use sampler, so if there's any issues there lmk.

If this is what you mean, then yep!

Sure! Ive been meaning to get around to it so I'll get something up soon.