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Thanks for playing this game!   I may or may not be making another game, stay tuned! >~<

Excuse my excitement!!! :D

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Link :

A short visual (mostly kinetic) novel about friendship or more... Whether it is twisted or just different.

It's people that are obsessed with the one they love to the point of stalking and committing murder to other people they deem are in their way of their love.

Hi, can I ask you if there's going to be any yandere characters? Because, when I think of horror, I somehow think of yanderes...

I like Junoru the most!!! Most favorite character in this game!!! Next is Kurato!! Then Zeikun, and finally Sachiro.

Btw, the fanfics and sketches parts, can they be accessed? Or is it only in full version of the game? Because I've finished all the routes, or did I miss something?

Anyway, great game!! Thanks for making it!! ^^

Favorite type of boys? ^^

It's out!!!