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Yes! This particular asset is "Name your own price" which could be free indeed! And once you download the assets, you are free to use them as you please. However, you are not permitted to re-distribute the assets themselves.

Thanks again for sharing! 

If you are interested, I recently did a little update to the game adding Mac and Linux support, fixing the look sensitivity, cleaning up some weather and day/night effects, adding a water shader, and various other small tweaks.

Unfortunately, this project has been canceled so larger updates are unlikely.

Thanks for sharing this video! Don't forget, you can collect other items with the right mouse button and use them on things in the environment to create new life!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Oh cool I see! Thanks for looking into that :)

Hi there!

I added a cover image to my book page and made sure the size of the image is exactly 630x500 but for some reason, this cover image is a bit blurred on my profile page while all my other cover images appear crisp.

If you compare the similar game cover "Tools and Resources" with the book cover "Plight of the Innocent", you may be able to tell that the latter is a bit blurry.

I'm thinking it's related to the upload classification being set to "Book" because that's the only difference with the two pages but I'm not sure. What ever the case may be, it would be really nice to have the cover image quality match so hopefully this is something that could be fixed.

Thanks :)

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I created this app to accompany the pen-and-paper RPG I'm making called Pocket Bite RPG and provide anyone wishing to play, a simple yet satisfying way to make digital dice rolls. Because of the game rules, the app only needed the d20, but to give it more use for people playing other games, I added in all the normal dice types commonly used in role-playing-games! Now that the app has been updated with the extra dice, I wanted to let everyone know so they could try it out :)

To use Pocket Bite d20, all you need to do is run it and use the left-mouse button to roll dice. To switch between the other dice types, use the right-mouse button. And to remove rolled dice, all you need to do is click them once they are stationary. For extra convenience, I added the functionality to change the scale of the window while the game runs so it fits anywhere on your desktop.

The app is currently playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux but wouldn't it be great to have it running on Android as well!? I think so too so eventually, I'll update it to work there as well! If you want to be notified when updates are made to the project, be sure to follow me! In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this little app!

Take care :)

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[Pocket Bite RPG]

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Plight of the Innocent is the very first campaign made specifically for my pen-and-paper rpg called Pocket Bite! It's been a real challenge for me to bring this game to where it is now but I finally feel confidant enough in the concept to create stories to play for it and this is the very beginning!

This story is inspired by my very first time playing DnD with friends where I clumsily lead the party through a vague recollection of a particularly fantastical dream I had once and called it a campaign. While we had a great time, it was a very unfocused story making it more of a challenge for myself as the GM to adapt during the session and keep the party engaged. Now that my Pocket Bite RPG rule-set exists, I thought that story concept would be a great place to start for the first campaign!

It has been really great going back to that dream that I had all those years ago and really breathing new life into it with all kinds of details and interesting characters. I'm really excited publish it and I can't wait to see what people think of my writing and especially the Pocket Bite rule-set.


The harbor town of Veilend has been stricken with a plight which has since silenced its once bustling streets. Every night for the past several nights, a mysterious presence visits the town in search of children and by morning leaves without a trace. This has left the whole town gripped by fear and paranoia as nobody knows what is responsible and who will be next. Having just moored in the harbor of Veilend, it is up to the players to investigate the mystery which has afflicted the town and find out what’s been happening to their children.

[Plight of the Innocent on]

[Pocket Bite RPG]

If you can only afford the time to read through it, I really hope it's an enjoyable read! And if you happen to give Pocket Bite RPG a shot, that would make me super proud and I would love to hear what you think of it and how I can improve :)

Take care!

As primarily the artist, I'm glad you like the looks :)

Hey! Thanks for the feedback on that. I'm sure I can do something about the mouse. The render distance is something that's really going to depend on how well the game performs. I'll adjust some of the quality setting presets to allow for more flexibility.

We haven't touched this game in some time but I feel like jumping back in and adding more of the features myself pretty soon.

Thanks for covering the demo in your video! It was nice to hear your thoughts.

Sure! I'd love to chat. If you go to the "About" section on my site, (, there is a place to contact me there. I'll get back to you as soon as I can :)

Yes :) Me and Alex are steadily working on it. Neither of us have a bunch of time but the goal is to finish it. If you check out the prototype, you can get a better idea of what the basic gameplay will be like.

Thank you! Glad you liked the look of it :)