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Absolutely ok to upload late!

that sounds brilliant

I'll go first!

A basic beastiary with various different common monster stats, or a themed one, with  blocks and descriptions for foes of a certain type, like undead monsters, or demons.

An exploration module with rules for overland travel, making camp, discovering things in the wilderness, etc.

Stuff for generating dungeons!

Supplements for steadings like towns or cities! Maybe this might be linked to exploration!

A big book of items! Weapons that do special things! Crafting rules!

I thought it would be a good plan to make a thread where we can suggest ideas for supplements for those who aren't sure what to make!

Full version. We wanted to make something small but polished 😊

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Does stuck mean that when you click login nothing happens? If so you might have your password wrong? cause that's currently a silent failure.  Try checking your password or creating a new account with a new email?

yeah sometimes it crashes if there's an interrupt to the network communication. I'm working on a fix I'm hoping to have out this sometime this long weekend.

That's a fun bug! I'll have to work out a way to reproduce it. Are you able to run it from a terminal window to see the debug output?

You're doing it right, there's just obviously a bug. Can I ask what weapon you were using, what skill level you have in that kind of weapon, and what OS you're playing on?

On the plus side! You can't save without going down the stairs so next time you reload the game the stairs will be back? And yeah at the moment we're not implementing picking up tiles you've placed because it introduces some very weird gameplay logic questions.

And WASD was added in the last update because you requested it so I'm glad it's bringing you joy. :)

Ah sorry! We don't have a password reset function set up at the moment cause that involves setting up mailservers and all that jazz.

Oh! Yes of course!

In the original version we didn't have the skill system working. This meant that all weapons did the same as the punch attack, and npcs would just sell an axe, bow, or spear. Items such as building tiles or equipment were dropped randomly by enemies because crafting didn't exist on account of it requiring skill levels to use. Skeletons also defaulted to acting as they now do 5 levels deep in the dungeon.

I've uploaded "" which contains windows, mac, and linux versions of the game as it was at submission.

Is the title supposed to be a reference to the PSX game?

Whats funny is I fixed that crash during dev last night and then totally re-introduced it five minutes before pushing the build. Uploading a new version now that fixes it again.

Updated link here:

That keeps happening. Should be fixed now I think?

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For now we've decided to set up a Discord community! Come join us if you find yourself looking for other delvers to commune with!

The lighting bug is unfortunately a bug in the current version of Godot which I've spent a lot of time trying to work around and have, in the end, just had to accept.

The camera bug, however, is something that I can and do need to look into because it should snap back to you as soon as you move a step. Thanks for letting me know about it!

Ruins community · Created a new topic Online Communion

During this current period of isolation due to COVID-19, meeting with others in the physical world in order to commune with them is discouraged. With that in mind we want to provide convenient ways for folks to meet with other players online to commune with them digitally. Obviously when communing with your existing friends any old messaging system will do but we want to have a digital space for finding other delvers to commune with in case none of your existing friends play Ruins. Previously during closed testing we had a Ruins channel on a discord server. So far the two main suggestions for ongoing online communing space are either relying on these community boards, or creating a Ruins discord server. I'd love to hear people's thoughts on these options or suggest other ideas.

Uploading an updated zip as we speak. This is just a really annoying bug with Godot's package exports at the moment.

Not unless you pay me royalties for the use sorry Masterkonni05

1d6-1 was the older more authentic method but I've updated the text now with v2.13.1 to fix it so the 7 point buy is listed in all places.

I feel like there's a strong overlap here for a content warning system. Maybe something like the tagging system but for content warnings and then have the age range options be based specific tags from that but overridable by uploaders?

Yeah, it's more of a memory game in it's current form. Get a better score (less Xs) by remembering which ones you've already tried.