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Good thing they just made a steam page, lol

Great game! Could I ask what engine it's built in?

It sounds like it! I'd be glad to test it and see if that's it.

To be honest, not really. It seems pretty random and happened to me a few times pretty early in the game (around day 3-4) and once around day 11. It seems it stops existing completely (as opposed to just not being visible), as the villagers are not able to store food inside. Reloading the game doesn't help.

Hi! I have a problem, because the town center occasionally disappears. Is that a bug or some mechanics I don't get?

Wow, I totally adore the artstyle! Could you tell us what engine did you use to create it? Was it Unity?

Hi! Thanks for making a video! We're always happy to see that people are taking interest in our game :)

Hi! Thanks for encouragement! It means a lot of us. As for polishing, we definitely want to do that. Visual Lover was created during Global Game Jam, which means we had only 48h to make it. Because of that a lot of content we wanted to add needed to be cut out; we also didn't really had a time to test and polish it properly. However words like yours are giving us a great boost of motivation to finish what we've started.