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Bryan Gromadzki

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the rum effect is great! music and visuals are spot on. the game's definitely fun. great game.

super cool, at some points though it didn't feel like i was going anywhere and judging distance is definitely tough. other than that, great submission. pretty fun to just doddle around and i was pretty mesmerized at what was going on with the screen as i approached a star.

the map is huge! i don't know how many players can be on the map at the same time but unless its like 20, there's a LOT of space and i don't really know where i am. maybe a map or radar system would really make it easier to know where action is. other than that, it looks and feels really good. great submission.

i enjoyed the game, fantastic audio and visuals. had a tough time with ammo management. mainly, couldn't find much.

nice, this would be at home on a gb, i got stuck on some of the objects, and i wasn't sure what did more damage to the zombies cause neither distance or vertical position on screen seemed to make much difference. either way, it was fun and actually more challenging than i thought it would be. great game!

Awesome game, good feel to it and the music is great. really reminds of a genesis game (that's a good thing in my books!). The glasses on the chicken are a great addition to its character.

a very polished package, the game was a lot of fun. cute graphics. Damn you insatiable goddess of nature!!!

Surprisingly full of content, simple to pick up and definitely feels like a solid zelda game. I think my only real comment is that i didn't feel like the sword swing, typewriter noise, and character's voice matched the look and feel of the game. The music was spot on with what I expected, but the sound effects, I felt, weren't in line with the visuals. Also, LOVED the ocean sound at the start, felt really cool.

this was pretty fun, great animations. would have loved to see it blown up. difficulty I think could have ramped up faster. other than that, cool submission and a lot of room to expand, like crazy new tiles.

this game is pretty damn hard. really like the player selection, simple but effective! the game feels great to play too and the music is bumping. Congrats, great submission

This is awesome! Love the rts/tower defense concept and the graphics/sound work together so well. It feels really good to play. As for the performance roof, maybe trying to think of a new gameplay element that curbs how many bees you can use (that slows the game down) might be an interesting brain exercise? Either way, great game.

@clemonades thanks for the comment and for playing! Yeah, reverse snake was definitely what we were going for. There were some pretty interesting gameplay design talks that stemmed from the role reversal idea, awesome learning experience!

@greysonp thanks a bunch for the comment and the play! I definitely agree that the snake AI needs fleshing out to be a better experience. At the moment it finds you if you're moving and the nearest piece of food if you're still. There's definitely a lot more that we wanted to get in but had so little time.