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It's taken me a long time to admit this to myself but I have intense feelings of passion for you. I want to wake up beside you every morning and see the smile on your face. I love you so much. Please respond

good shit.

The only good one is Maybe another life, and even then it's way too short. All of these feel rushed and unfinished, but I guess that's what you have to provide in a 3-in-1 horror game. Never figured out how to beat PSYCHOPATH, Maybe another life is a unique concept with bare-bones gameplay, Veinless Property is a generic walking simulator with an amazing art-style they barely do anything with. If this game cost money, I'd have a much harsher opinion, but thankfully Triality is at least decent enough to make it free.

Why do I randomly die at full health in the second level?? Also, why aren't there checkpoints in it!?!? And I thought waiting five seconds to restart when I fucked up in the first level was bad, now it takes five minutes to get back to where you were.

Also your final boss is cheap as fuck, curb your stun mechanics please. It's not fun when you punch a boss once and RNG decides whether or not you unavoidably lose 8 fucking health. At least let us counter his moves.

An enemy got stuck on a 2-story window and I got softlocked. Pls fix

started playing this at 12:00, accidentally stayed up till 2:00 am... thank you for making such a fun and relaxing game, i really love it

this game looks cool but that thumbnail is so appalling im going to block you

Please lower the difficulty! It's been only a few days since I played the game and suddenly it's absolutely impossible, and I'm on the easiest difficulty.

It opens the game folder instead of running the .exe, but I don't think that's even there, because I cant find it.

I'm not an expert on game development, and I'm certainly not a very good critic, but I'd say that it just doesn't feel right. It just feels like it was made very sloppily. That's really all I can say about it. I'm glad to hear you've practiced, though! Try making a remastered edition, and maybe with better methods of doing the rewind and physics effects.

holy cow, I can see why this got removed.

try practicing a little more before you upload something to a game jam, ok?

lol, that trailer music

The game will randomly freeze, which is annoying.