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Superb execution. Really good fun.

Thanks for all you do for the procedural/AI scene. By way of update, the procedural Minecraft skin framework has been extended and used for many commercial skin packs since the jam:

I agree - the popping of the collectables and the heavy momentum of the pinball works brilliantly with the smooth-as-silk world cycling. Fantastic fun!

This is a lot of fun. Making cascading waterfalls is my current go-to gamemode.

This is great - the grappling hook is my go-to for navigation. The tall shafts are exciting to stumble across. What's the way to get the exterior view?

Thanks for the feedback and apologies on the challenges getting it running!

If I were to move this past the jam I'd definitely have simpler levels earlier with the complexity building up to jittery fluttering butterflies. I'll keep your feedback in mind - thank you!

Replied on discord - source looks OK my end and runs ok on Win10 python 2.7.13 for me.

Curious - are you testing on Linux?