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This was a fun little game, seven minutes is about how long it takes to play. I do wish there were a few more outcomes though.

I get wanting to keep things SFW, Some thirst pictures would be nice though

Fun little game! It would be cute if the opponents "get to know you" the more times you fight them. After so many battles you get a short CG or pinup at regular intervals

Very nice for a short game jam, the model is quite handsome. I do notice that you can change the amount of your bet at any time during the hand, even after you draw. Then again, there are no real consequences or rewards here. Fun little game though

This was fun, reminds me of a few games I played growing up; the art style was really cute. the controls seemed a bit awkward at times, I'm so used to jumping with space. But it's been a while since I've played something like this.  Interested to see where this goes

Thank you for sharing this experience. For those of us dealing with our own trauma and issues, these small moments of joy are so precious. Experience them as they happen. You are more than your illness. 

That's fair. What I am talking about goes beyond simple copy editing. This is where beta readers come in handy. Having another set of eyes go over the whole thing and tell you where the problem spots are.  
 That part in the dungeon I was pretty ok with. I did notice the out, and thank you for that. Playing with the imps sounded fun though, and I did actually enjoy it. It was only after that I went "hey, wait a minute..." Just want to be clear that I choose it myself, and in no way did it fee 'forced'. I also realize this is erotica and in no way a reflection on real life. I just happen to enjoy things more when it's consensual. I also appreciate the desire to tell a simple, compact story. This was just a case of enjoying something so much that you want more of it. While it's true that most audiences for this game just want to get to the good stuff; there is still room to sprinkle in little hints of story here and there. Not saying you need to go for a huge infodump. Much better to spread things out over several plot lines. Even if you decide to leave things as they are, it was still a lot of fun. I am sure you have learned just from making this. And thank you for being so polite in listening to me. Wanting to see what the new project will be.

First, I really enjoyed this game! I played it several times through just to try different combinations. Most of the routes are pretty easy, Just pester your love interest and ignore everyone else. The "uncle" was the only one that gave me trouble. I wonder if he really IS our uncle after all.
Tried forcing certain edge cases such as finding the armor AND being friendly with the guard. Most seemed to default to the tavern ending, or just not enough time in the game. Which is good, having all your bases covered. More of a branching narrative would be interesting, though I know it would require more work.
Story was good, I liked most of the characters, and we got some look at their past. That's something I would like to see expanded more: What was the father like, what sort of adventures did they have, who is this mysterious fourth member of the party? Outside of that, who are these other characters, what is the history of the town and this dungeon? I know the primary focus is erotica, but teasing little bits can make the characters more dynamic and someone the audience cares about.  You've already got a good start on that. Writing needs tightening up, along with additional detail. There  is a lot of "Go do X!" *you do X* Perhaps use this as opportunity to expand the character HOW do they do X, what is their body language saying. Again, you already have some of the pieces there. I really enjoyed the game in it's current state, I can tell you put a lot of work into this. I didn't even mention the CG's, which were fantastic, you did a really good job there.

Just a few random thoughts to end with:
The way you introduce the Dark Lord in the opening, I half expected him to be a secret special character.
While the idea of "joining the dungeon" was really fun, the non-con threw me off. Yes, I know it fits with the story and everything, it's just my preference. There are just one set of CG's for that route?
While we are talking about the gallery, how do you flip through images without returning to the album?

Lastly, of course, this is all just one person's opinion. You are free to ignore this entire post. If it's not clear,  I really REALLY enjoyed the heck out of this game, there's a reason I played so many hours. I hope this has been supportive. Look forward  to what you do next, whether it's on this game or something entirely different. Make good art.

I also enjoyed the way the characters relationship felt very real. How it's the same old argument, both tired of it but unable to it let go.
Played this several times to see what I could get. My favorite was the 'last resort" branch; it seems like the one with the most potential for character growth. Or it could just be teratophilia

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Will this also feature "living worlds" and video?

Would it be possible to link to landscapes directly from the gallery?

Second the request for Linux compatibility. The Godot engine might me a good alternative to Unity; cross-porting is supposed to be much easier

Loved the music in this! Who composed this?
I don't suppose that yellow god would be named Jessie by chance?