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Hi again ! We added a new build of the game under the name What Have We Done To Each Other? XBOX 1.1 that will allow you to play with any controller ! I hope you'll have fun !

Hi ! We're really sorry about that ! We thought the game for a PS4 controller and don't have a solution for that. We may add a way to progress in an other way later, but I can't be sure of that, as it's a student game that we presented today. You can though see the end of the game here : 

Merci ! C'était obligatoire, ça fait parti des demandes de l'école pour le rendu final. 

C'est avec plaisir, et encore merci beaucoup ! 

Hi you !

People of the Moon is a two players cooperative game, in which you glide above an island and collect lights on your way.

Initially, we made the game to be played with a teeter-totter, but you can now play with a unique controller, one person per joystick.

We hope you'll have fun playing it !

Hi everyone !

First Love Never Die is  a local coop. puzzle game, in which you assemble memories to discover the story. You only need to have a keyboard and a mouse to play it, and of course, to be two.

We're a little team of 3 game students, and still developping the game, but  we would love to know how people feel about it.

We hope you'll enjoy playing it ! ♥

Hi again ! The Mac version of the game is now available, have fun ! :)

Thank you ! There will be one very soon, I'll notify you as soon as it's here :)

We add a Mac OS build, we hope you'll have fun ! :)

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Thank you ! We're not sure we'll be able to do it , but we'll definitely try !