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Abhilash Pawar

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I love the puzzles, lighting, and the whole game, It would look better with some more art

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Whoa! nice pixel art! are you gonna make a linux build? I really wanna play it!

Very nice game! I loved the little rocket thrust detail!


Is this supposed to happen?

F! Its really good!!!! and polished!

Hey,  Bioinvasion! Thanks a lot! Yes I will definitely use your feedback! 

I followed the tutorial. I've added lots of other stuff too

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Thanks a lot for playing! Your tutorials helped to make the shooting and the enemies! I didn't think you would play! Thanks a lot!!!!

If you wanna play online:

Can you show me a screenshot?

Thanks for playing! For there and back, I decided to implement near death and back!

Thank you! I spent a lot of time for the neon look and glitch! I didn't get time to add a health-bar and a lot of power-ups i'll  add it in a post jam version!

Thanks a lot for playing! The screen shake is a result of not playtesting! Thanks for rating, playing and the feedback!!!

Thanks for the great feedback! I didn't get time for adding music, And I will fix the fade glitch. Thanks for downloading and playing!

Thank you! Yes, the screen shake was a result of not playtesting. And I probably should have added a health bar, but I didn't get time. Anyways, thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot for the great feedback! There are some text glitches the text is bigger than it should be, I will fix it in a sec, You collect points! 

Thanks a lot! I should probably playtest more!

I love the efx and bloom!

I love the pixel art and smooth controls! Animations and music! And its well polished! But you could add some efx like screen-shake. But its great 

I love the game!

The controls are tight! Really cute pixel art! At the start I did'nt understand what to do, if you can, try to make it a bit clear. But other that that I love the game.

Thanks a lot, for downloading and playing! Thanks for the feedback,  I will probably playtest a lot next time. I didn't get time to add a pause menu.

NUI community · Created a new topic Discord Community!?

I love the game! The music,pixel art and mechanics are great!
Do you have a discord server?

I'm glad! Raddisa, It's really good!

The game is amazing! so is the art!


Wonderful game! what engine did you use?

What engine did you use? the game is amazing!

Whoa this is really good! great work! I love the art, music and you were able to code a whole ending system to! I really loved it. Please make a full game and tell more people to play this is great! If you do make a full game you can add more gameplay like moving around and stuff!

cool game!and story!


What resolution did you use? Do you plan on making it a big commercial game?


Thanks a lot for replying! You are very skilled if you did the fx in a pixel art software! 

Amazing Game!!!! How did you make the cool dust effect and the transitions?