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My partner and I played 30 minutes of the game and will finish it soon. I have to say that this game is oozing with style. We both love everything from the art, the music, and the characters. Don't know how this will end but it has us hook. We both seen your painting and happy that your style looks great as a game. Looking forward to future games you make!
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This was a lot of fun! My partner and I enjoyed this game greatly. It has a mixture of those hidden item games, plus some music game mechanics, and just the overall relaxing with some lo-fi beats. Can't wait to play a full version of this game. Can't wait to see more of "sam" and those funny looking eggs. ^.^

This was a lot of fun! Even though we don't play these type of games often, the tutorial was helpful. It was confusing at first, but at the end we understood it more. Wished we  can play against the CPU but all good. 

My partner doesn't like math-like puzzle games, but she kind of enjoyed it. Haha. 

Will check out your other games. Really like the art/pixel work too!

how did you find it?

how did you get the 4th?

this is it? wow. didn't know it was in order. thank you!

THIS WAS GREAT! Nice short story and fun. When Jacob "bhaaa" for the first time, my partner and i had a chuckle. Very cute. We couldn't figure out the 4th ending though and tried a bit to get it. We got 3/3 and overall enjoyed every bit of it. Looking forward to more games in the future.

the voice acting caught my partner and i off guard and it was wonderful moment. 

OMG! There's a moment in this game that hit us so hard and it's so unexpected. It's a sound queue that you don't see really in visual novel and i think it's great! My partner and I would read the dialogue for the video and when that moment happens, we were speechless. Really enjoyed everything about this. 

My partner and I played this game because of the name alone. Not really into Pac-man but you got a great idea here and the level is fun. Reminds us of the platforms from 64 era. Wish it had controller support and if did, did not figure it out. Playing with the keyboard and mouse isn't ideal, but got the job done. Looking forward if this becomes something bigger in the future. 

Only one puzzle we didn't figure out, but it wasn't needed to collect the fruits. Great job overall!

is it not working still? i got it to work but i am playing on game hub. 

what is this.

Oh wow. We love playing all of your games but this might be the one that had our head scratching. WILD RIDE! We still don't understand it 100% but had us thinking for a while after we played it. Keep up the great work and always looking forward to anything you create. 

For people who are playing on a MAC, i don't know if the game will work. By that, i mean the ending. There's a process you need to do that was difficult to figure out.

Really fun game! Was hard to understand at first but got it and figure out what to do to have the bugs make love. My partner and I enjoyed the game a lot. Just trying to figure out what to do is part of the fun of the game. Keep the good work and looking forward to other games in the future. 

this game was great! my partner and i played the game and would play a whole game of this. really like the concept. will follow to see what other games you have in the future! keep up the good work noel!
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My partner and I enjoyed your game! Really unique in art and style of game. Really like the dialogue also. Really felt like the characters while we voice them. Keep the good and looking forward to other games you've made.

Thank you Nil. Appreciate the kind words.

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This game was delightful and fun! We both enjoyed the demo and a lot of fun, and can't wait for the full game. The art is wonderful. The story is interesting and want to see what will happen next. We did try the other outcomes quickly and still found it funny. The dialog is well written and enjoyable to read (or in our case, voice over). We will check out the other games you made. Keep the good work!

My partner never played a Silent Hill game and we decided to play this one. She knows it's a fanmade game but she really likes the films. We both enjoy visual novels so the combination of SH and VN, this was a must play! We haven't finished it yet but played a good chunk of it. Looking forward to finishing it and enjoying it so far!

This was a really fun creepy game. We did stumble a little because we did not figure out about the way we were hammering the wood. Other than that, it was a good short game. Enjoyed it a lot.

This was a fantastic game! Highly recommend people to play it. If not, we play all of it with a single ending only. We've been a fan of npckc for a long time and played most of her game. Always looking forward to them.

We played the game and really like it. It's a nice short horror game and actually scared me. Check out the video to see our reaction. :)

just checking in on this comment section because still amazed on how wholesome and active this is. ^.^

Wow, this comment section.

We got to play your game and tried to do a quick session for our DATENITE series. Found a few hiccups here and there. Maybe because we played on a mac and the transition from a phone game to desktop, it cause a few wonky visual that we experience. Keep up the good work though and looking forward to future games.

then hit the mouse again and have geoffrey fall in sink full of water

hit the towel near the sink when geoffrey is playing with the mouse

hint. if geoffrey is playing with the pink mouse, figure out what item can bring him down again.

need help? which part

Ugh. This game was so fun, creepy, and just insanely bonkers. My partner and I enjoyed this a lot and love the atmosphere. We felt the dread in every turn and that feeling just felt unbelievable. Really like the art style and really capture how mess up this world is. Keep the great work. Looking forward to the other games.  

To be honest, this game had a huge difficultly curve but my partner and i managed to finished it! It was a fun journey and really like the animation and dialogue. WE played on a MAC and Keyboard so we had minor technical problems but enjoyed it at the end. Looking forward to play other games from you.

tried. depends. did not work on mine

This was splendidly good! Everyone should play this game and if not, watch the video. Not what my partner and I expected but that's good. Keep the great work and looking forward to other games.

i personally had sleep paralysis and a anxiety and it is bad. playing this game brought me back to that moment and shared my experience in the video. the game is well made and does a good job at illustrating the experiences. my partner and i really enjoy the game and brought new light to her about sleep paralysis.

solved it?

my partner screamed when she died. 


are you still stuck?

"deja vu" - neo