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Really like this game. My partner and I played the game together and it was funny and short. The  game has some really great dialogue and of course the art it nice. The VO is nice too. Really recommend it if you are looking for a quick play and interesting story. Very interested in part 2 and see our continuing adventure of Opal. 

Check out our gameplay below.

it would be our honor for our video to be on your page.

This was a nice, short, and wet game. The puzzle was simple but fun and it reminds me a lot of tricky towers but with the rising water element, made the game more difficult. Would love to see a full game of this. The raining sound made the game give a calm atmosphere. With out it, I would've probably been more mad with certain results. :P

My partner and I have an ongoing series in which we play game together called Datenite. Here's the video from our play though. 

Fun game! Kind of difficult at first because the controls but we got used to it fast. Really like the concept and I hope they'll be more levels and interactions in the future. My partner and I have a series and did a video for this game. Great job!

yea, i experience something else while she had a whole other experience. maybe because i was controlling the game but overall, really liked it.

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Thank you for this game. A really atmospheric game that gave me chills while playing it. The audio was creepy and kept me on my toes. Other horror games trained me to be afraid of all the sounds around and your game pushed it further especially listening to the other rooms around me. The game is short enough to leave you with a scary impression. BEWARD OF THE SLUGS!

My partner and I played it in part of our Datenite series.

It's quit an experience. A game that's extremely fun to watch as these....KIDS(?)  do some odd things. Trying to find the meaning of the game is part of the fun. 

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So many emotions while playing this game. The dialogue felt so real and personal. Not just personal for the character but as a player, it really hit hard.

I don't want to spoil anything and highly recommend playing this game. The ending is emotional and only played it once. I had tears at one part because i related to the situation so personally.

 Check out our game play but like i said, I highly recommend playing it first.

Oh wow. This game surprised us. The look is awesome and didn't expect how tense and scary the game will be. The game is well crafted to look like a game boy game but creating really good techniques to scary the player. The sound is superb and brings a great atmosphere throughout the game.

Beautiful art and wistful story. We only played about 10mins but need to soak in the experience. The music is so good too. Reminds me of lo-fi hip-hop channel on youtube. 

My partner didn't even know there was a font called Audrey. :)

Okay, at first this game seems easy but after a few minutes it gets challenging to the point in which my partner and I started arguing the strategy of winning the round.

Fun and tense game. Did not expect the dialogue to be difficult for each new round. 

Makes me rethink how I need to pay attention during a conversation.

Highly recommend for people who like puzzle games.

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Enjoyed this a lot. The writing is solid and the story was nice and sweet, and a little bit sexy. Only played 1 story arc but enjoyed all the story beats and dialogue. Will continue with the others to see how the other 2 shape up. My wife and I played this together as part of our Date Nite series and both of us had a great time. Thank you for making this game

really had a lot of fun creating our own monster girl. i think a good 30 minutes in we didn't realized where we can find the hair options. but we finally made a monster girl. the options are great and all the customization are perfect. thank you for making this. here's a video of our first time playing.

this game was a lot of fun. i played resident evil 2 remake recently and this game still got me with the scares and tension. really great homage to all medium of horror from the movies and video games.  looking forward to the rest of the games from you guys in the future. here's a video of my wife and i playing the game for one of our segments on the freakin' awesome.

such a funny game and extremely cute. it's short and nice. 

we have a weekly feature on our podcast called date nite, in which my partner and i play video games together. we had a tremendous time with this game and enjoyed it  a lot! playing other games from you angela in the future.

Hello, we are a couple from The Freakin' Awesome! and we really enjoyed your game. Check it out below. Thanks cnnmon

My wife and I played the game together. She never used  keyboard and mouse to move around in 3D space and learned it quick with this game. Very fun and challenging game that I would recommend for any one looking for a quirky quick game.