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My partner and I enjoyed playing this game! simple and straight to the point. it was a bit of a challenge for us to set up the controls, more likely on our end, but it was worth it. even though this is slice of full game, can't wait to see the finished product. love the art too! keep up the good work!

OMG. This game brought tears to my partner and I. Great writing. Emotional VA that has you really think about lost and life. We had to stop playing for bit because we just started crying together and way we haven't cried in a long time. Powerful scene near the end. I hope Froggy is okay and that they have a happy life. 

Nice. What is the timestamp when we started singing it?

Thank you!

This was well done! Don't usually play gameboy game but was very excited to play on my emulator and it worked great! One thing we ran into is when we opened the map, we couldn't close it. Possibly it was our emulator causing that problem. Either way, we both had fun playing and trying to figure out what was going on. Can't wait to play episode 2!

i thought the creatures/animals during the dark hours were going to do more sinister things.

yup! was forgetting how to make any of the drinks.

I was wondering if there was an ending. Anything drastically change throughout the different days?

OMG, this game was so intense! My partner and I played the game together and she was a barista before. So intense and was so surprise where this game goes. Great work to the team and Angela He. Always enjoy their games.

If anyone goes past day 5, tell us what happens. We only went up to day 5.

LOVE IT! My partner and I played this game together and really thought it was very cute game that really showcase the awkwardness of meeting someone new and also liking them. Love how we really got to Kara before anything happens between them. The dialogue felt genuine and real. 

Need to know what happens with Kara and her adventures. 

This was a lot of fun! My partner and I played this for our DATENITE series and found many moments funny and relatable. We worked in the nightshift at a lab before and this brought us back to the days of daydreaming about things like this. The character designs are so cute too! Keep up the great work and looking forward to play your other games. 

The art and game mechanic is great. My partner and I played the game together and it was fun. Like the idea with the dice and how to kill the enemies, very cool concept! Only thing stopping me was it was too hard. The random dice rolls are good but i think near the end it was hard for us to get the right number.

I can see this game develop into  something special. keep up the great work!

Okay, this was part entertaining and kind of sad. Sad that the afterlife will be this corporate tech company that will base everything with different subscriptions and sponsorships.  ugh. Either way, really enjoy this experience! My partner and I really like the AI person you made and kind of creepy because how lifelike the person looks. Also, some current news about this game made me realize what was Lockheed Martin was. Lol.

Keep the work and looking forward to other games in the future!

Highly recommend this game for a quick laugh.

Short and funny! Played this game with my partner and did not expect what we will be doing. My partner loved that joke at the end. Played this game as part of our DATENITE series and it just made us happy after finishing it. Will definitely check out the other games you've made. Keep up the great and funny work!

Oh wow! What an experience! Sensory overload. Really sad at parts but also very funny. We both enjoyed this experience. We did not finish it all but we will get back to it. A lot is going on in this one.

People need to check this out.

Fun little game. My partner and I played this game for our weekly show DATENITE and we had a blast playing it. It did get frustrating near the ending because we werent sure if the 10th bone was the one on top of the platform. We did encounter some glitches (the jumpying one) but still enjoyed the silliness. The art is very warm and really like the music from the stone monsters. Out of no where we thought it was a rave. Haha. Keep up the good work and can't wait to play some more of your games. 

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This was such a cute game! My partner and i really enjoyed this game. The premise sounded interesting, so we decided to play it together for our DATENITE videos - where we play games together. It felt like this should be an episodic type visual novel with Somnia and Remerie solving problems. Really enjoyed their chemistry! The art was so wholesome and soft, really love it. We did get stuck at one point and really had a hard time but we figured it out. Overall, people should really play this game!

My partner and I just started playing this game but it is soooo cute! Never thought of a FPS (S for shooting your camera. haha ) can be so fun. Haven't progress to far in the game because my partner was so overwhelmed with so many cute puppies/dogs! She wanted to do everything with them.

if you shot the abomination, it will back off for a few seconds. enough time to start running and turn around to shoot it again.

Wow, this was a lot of fun. Short and sweet. When the abomination shows up, you better run. My partner and I really like our experience with the game. It has everything that we want in a horror game and it's quick!

Anyone that is a mac gamer, I was not successful playing with a controller. 

Either way, we both had a lot of fun playing it. We will check out your other games now. 

OMG!!!! This game got some really great twist! We just finished it and have to say we made the *wrong* decision at the end. We could've  done something else but we totally forgot and was nervous on making the decision. 

My partner and I played 30 minutes of the game and will finish it soon. I have to say that this game is oozing with style. We both love everything from the art, the music, and the characters. Don't know how this will end but it has us hook. We both seen your painting and happy that your style looks great as a game. Looking forward to future games you make!
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This was a lot of fun! My partner and I enjoyed this game greatly. It has a mixture of those hidden item games, plus some music game mechanics, and just the overall relaxing with some lo-fi beats. Can't wait to play a full version of this game. Can't wait to see more of "sam" and those funny looking eggs. ^.^

This was a lot of fun! Even though we don't play these type of games often, the tutorial was helpful. It was confusing at first, but at the end we understood it more. Wished we  can play against the CPU but all good. 

My partner doesn't like math-like puzzle games, but she kind of enjoyed it. Haha. 

Will check out your other games. Really like the art/pixel work too!

how did you find it?

how did you get the 4th?

this is it? wow. didn't know it was in order. thank you!

THIS WAS GREAT! Nice short story and fun. When Jacob "bhaaa" for the first time, my partner and i had a chuckle. Very cute. We couldn't figure out the 4th ending though and tried a bit to get it. We got 3/3 and overall enjoyed every bit of it. Looking forward to more games in the future.

the voice acting caught my partner and i off guard and it was wonderful moment. 

OMG! There's a moment in this game that hit us so hard and it's so unexpected. It's a sound queue that you don't see really in visual novel and i think it's great! My partner and I would read the dialogue for the video and when that moment happens, we were speechless. Really enjoyed everything about this. 

My partner and I played this game because of the name alone. Not really into Pac-man but you got a great idea here and the level is fun. Reminds us of the platforms from 64 era. Wish it had controller support and if did, did not figure it out. Playing with the keyboard and mouse isn't ideal, but got the job done. Looking forward if this becomes something bigger in the future. 

Only one puzzle we didn't figure out, but it wasn't needed to collect the fruits. Great job overall!

is it not working still? i got it to work but i am playing on game hub. 

what is this.

Oh wow. We love playing all of your games but this might be the one that had our head scratching. WILD RIDE! We still don't understand it 100% but had us thinking for a while after we played it. Keep up the great work and always looking forward to anything you create. 

For people who are playing on a MAC, i don't know if the game will work. By that, i mean the ending. There's a process you need to do that was difficult to figure out.

Really fun game! Was hard to understand at first but got it and figure out what to do to have the bugs make love. My partner and I enjoyed the game a lot. Just trying to figure out what to do is part of the fun of the game. Keep the good work and looking forward to other games in the future. 

this game was great! my partner and i played the game and would play a whole game of this. really like the concept. will follow to see what other games you have in the future! keep up the good work noel!
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My partner and I enjoyed your game! Really unique in art and style of game. Really like the dialogue also. Really felt like the characters while we voice them. Keep the good and looking forward to other games you've made.

Thank you Nil. Appreciate the kind words.

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This game was delightful and fun! We both enjoyed the demo and a lot of fun, and can't wait for the full game. The art is wonderful. The story is interesting and want to see what will happen next. We did try the other outcomes quickly and still found it funny. The dialog is well written and enjoyable to read (or in our case, voice over). We will check out the other games you made. Keep the good work!