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"deja vu" - neo

This game! Wow. Never felt so much heartbreak before in a beginning of a game. My partner and I really enjoyed this game tremendously and recommend it to anyone who wants to play a quick short puzzle game. The music is wholesome and everything about the cats are cute!

OMG! My partner and I played this game together and we are not match 3 puzzle people but the combination of the animation, music, and accessibility made us really adore this game. Figuring out the different types of enemies and watching out for certain patterns that we can use to our advantage made this game really fun! The difficulty was good to. After failing couple of times, we kind of figured out our groove. Looking forward to other games in the future and will check out your past games as well. 

OMG!!! This was a great visual novel. My partner and I played it together and at the end, we wanted more stories from this world! The character designs are awesome and the friends of jaime are funny. Really hope there's a part 2 or another story in this world! GREAT JOB!

My partner and I played this game together and had so much fun! It's chaotic puzzle time with some interesting physics. Played it with a keyboard and mouse and didn't get the controller to work but still was a pleasant surprise. Looking forward to a finish product! Keep up the great work!  

My partner and I played it together and it was fun! Nice short quick jump scare game that had us laughing and spooked at the same time. Looking forward to Part2!

My partner and I enjoy this game. It was creepy and had us question what was really happening. A short atmospheric horror game is great and love the bite size journey. The VHS style intro and inspiration to found footage was great too. 

My partner and I played this wholesome game together and it was wonderful. The art is cute and the short journey will hit you with all the FEELS. Nicely done visually and really love the scenery. You captured fall and winter nicely. Looking forward to other games!

This was such a delightful game! My partner and I enjoyed everything about this game. We love the exploration, the easy to navigate areas, and just the cute interactions with all the animals. The look of the game is great! Reminds me of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or any Zelda game really. Instead of fighting enemies, the exploring aspect really hooks you. Yes, there's collecting items to level up your ability, but really like how small the map is.  It doesn't feel like a drag doing them or any other errands. 

We haven't finish the game but will continue to play it. 

Looking forward to future games!

My partner and I played this game together. Really love the visuals and the crafty style with the envelopes. The voice acting was wonderful and well acted. The story had us guessing on what was really happening and mysterious man was interesting. Enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to other visual novels/games you've made. :)

i am amazed that i've never played a powerhoof game. after playing this game, you have a new fan! my partner and i played this game together and it's funny, chaotic, and just plain fun. we both enjoyed the comedy and writing. voice acting is on point and really felt like we were watching a production gone wrong. your team did a great job in everything in this game. looking forward in playing the other adventure games.

My partner and I enjoyed your tiny game! We like these style of games because all we have to do is to push one button and it's simple. Keep the good work!
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we've been a fan of your for so long and that your games are becoming so much more immerse and emotional. we thought this game was about lost but it's so much more. my partner and i related to this game so much and it's beautifully written. your artwork again is fantastic and the way you draw the characters and situation really impact us. the mechanics is similar to your other games but this is the only one in which we tried our hardest to get that "ending" because may and august deserve that "ending". that ending though, soooo many tears. so so many. you crafted an emotional game during these times of loneliness but also give people optimism too for lost. hard to explain.

always looking forward to your next game and actually inspiring us to make one too.

thank you again for making this wonderful game.

EDIT: music of course is great. needed to add that.

powerful. thank you for this.

we played the game for our datenite video and it was very difficult for new sims players. we like the music and look of the game but we really need to dive into it better. we both didn't know what to do for a very long time and still don't. it's a user error on our part because we thought we could just jump into it from the start. first time playing a sok pop game so this might not be the game for us. keep up the great work though! really like the look of the rest of the games in your collection, so we will try to play those. 

i find that the game client works better with most of the games vs download it and opening it as an app. hope you find a way to fix it and get to play the game.

are you using the itchio game client or download?

are you using the itchio game client or download?

oh wow. this is a terrific   new creature.   the game was short and atmospheric. really nailed the sound design with the creature. oddly, this is the first time  hearing about this creature and still gave  me goosebumps after playing it 3 times. something with the sound and how well it crawls up  your neck and arms. the feeling of dread.

i would  love to play a full game of this.   looking forward to the other games from you . 

what a fantastic game! we've been fans of your (npckc) games for awhile now and really enjoyed all of them. they always hit this emotional moment with the character that we don't expect and at the right time. maybe because you develop your characters in a pace that we get to know them so well that anything is revealed about any of them, it really resonate.

keep up the amazing work! my partner and i enjoyed it together and really invested our time with your story that it almost had us in tears (happy tears) at the end.

this was a entertaining and at times a heartfelt vn. really like the art style and the characters are interesting to talk to. wished i can interact with them more. great work on the dialogue, it felt real and engaging. will play the other vn you have. keep up the great work!

Really fun game! We knew it will have a twist but the execution was great. Found the game creepy and puzzling. If this was a real product for realtors, I would definitely use it! This would make a interesting horror film too. Keep up the great work and looking forward to more games from you. 

Fun and challenging game. My partner and I played it on our youtube channel for DATENITE segment and it was great. I personally love puzzle games and your game really got me on one puzzle. Spent almost 20 minutes figuring it out. Keep up the great work and looking forward to future games! 

We never played BATIM but enjoyed the game and the style of it. A good learning curve and didn't play enough to see if they mechanic change but overall enjoyed the experience. Makes me wonder about the BATIM now and future games. Watch as my partner and I try to survive the night (or day) and get a little scared from the ink demon. Keep up the great work and my kids love the bendy universe. 

no problem! i'll keep that in mind if we do run into those type of puzzles in the game. i think we weren't paying attention. haha

We got an email from a friends of yours to play your demo. We really liked it. The last puzzle was challenging but we got it. If it wasn't for my partner for paying attention in the beginning, we would've never got it. Looking forward to the finished game. Couple of notes:

- Does the music cut off in the middle of the game or was it a glitch?

- Was there a way to figure out the combination with out remembering the order without hints?

Thanks again for letting us play your game!

Heres out video

wow. been a fan for a very long time and every game/visual novel feels so different and you can tell there's so much emotion put into these games. this is no different. like always, really love your artwork and the way you design the scenes and interactions is so good. keep up the great work and looking forward to play another game with my partner for datenite!

thank you! can't wait to try out your game :D

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Hi, this does not work on mac :(

when you download the zip file, no app file to play on mac. 

P.S. my twin brother surprised me with frog detective t-shirt. so awesome!

We enjoyed the first game and was looking forward to this one. With our delight, we found it fun. We really like the sticker book/clue book to keep in order what do people want and what not. The dialogue was funny and always kept a smile on our faces. We play the game together and do voices for everyone so seeing all the fun different animals was awesome. The game at the most part was much easier than the original but still was fun interacting with the vast characters. We both can't wait to play the next game. Really enjoy all the games that you create Grace! Keep up the great work!

Here are the videos that we do together. It's called DATENITE because we have 1 hr to play games together while the kids are still asleep. :P


ending was sweet and heartbreaking...

the game made my partner and i cry at the end while playing it together. such a powerful story of friendship and love. 

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The original game was good and really like the characters and story. it tells a great lgbtq+ story and interactions we have. this game was incredible especially the emotional ending. npckc does a great job keeping the discussion in trans rights and makes you feel for erika and haru relationship. the struggle for finding someone to love and to be loved is so so powerful in this game. love the series and haven't played the 3rd one yet but defiantly must play for anyone who likes really really great character development. keep up the great work npckc! will continue to support you and your games. 

spoilers: the moment erika got haru gift, my partner and i started crying. such great writing and music. 

Thank you for making this game! It was great playing this lovely story. The characters felt so real and genuine. The dialogue was well written and story was special and unique. My partner and I learned a lot about Japanese culture and LGBTQ rights in japan. I highly recommend this game for anyone invested in character development and to play the rest of the games in the series. Like many people in the comments, i wished more people are as understanding as the people in the game.

oh wow. did not think of that. i have to say though, the boss fight was still fun because just figuring out the pattern and the movements really made it worth the victory. 

This was an awesome game! The style and tank controls is exactly how i remembered it from past survival horror games.The atmosphere was pure nostalgia. My partner and I played it together and enjoyed the ending a lot! Wished i could've played it on a controller but still had fun. Looking forward to you future project.

this was very fun. short but fun. the sound is very good and disturbing. my partner and i played it and both us enjoyed tearing each other skin apart. for a moment, wasn't sure who would win or how to win. overall, very good game. 

oh wow. the writing in this game is great. emotional and it really conveys the dire situation they are both in but still gives this warm feeling. don't know how to describe it. everyone should check out this game. 

my partner and i really enjoyed it and was a little worried on what will be happening with these character because we invested emotionally. won't say what happens but enjoyed it. looking forward to future projects. 

This game was great! Wished it was longer. The mechanics is perfect and trying to solve who dun-it was fun.Reminds me of a guess who but one is a murderer. Check out our video in which my partner and I played it together.