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quite similar to this game I guess

I don't think there is a character limit for usernames which allows you to make absurdly long names

-.-- --- ..- .----. ...- . / -.-- . . .----. -.. / -.-- --- ..- .-. / .-.. .- ... - / .... .- .--


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Ooooh this one might be it

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The way the music escalates as you progress through the story was neat

Also, is there a way to defeat the final mothership or is thomas stuck in constant torture forever?

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I had so much fun playing this. Very nice job

I really enjoyed all the dialogue and the details. Loved the game

Also the save book that talks about not having arms doesn't say "Your game has been saved"

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A masterpiece of game design that truly says a lot about our society and provides deep insight into humanity as a whole. I was crying by the time I finished the game. Thank you for gifting us with this work of art.

press 1 on the keyboard

Very satisfying when you finally beat each level.

Way back in the day I remember using a scratch to flash converter. Maybe it's still available?

This was really cool and unique

Having the bubbles give more points when they merge would've been cool. Nice game nonetheless