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Thanks for the feedback!

Amazing art and humour haha

Thanks for the rating!

Glad you had fun :)

The title, cover art, concept, and execution of said concept were all extremely good. Well done!

This is a very elegant puzzle game. Well done!

This is incredible. I wouldn't be surprised if this entry wins the jam.

I audibly gasped when I figured out what "nighttime already" was referring too.

Great work!!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback!

This is great! It almost has a mad max feeling to it. I ended up strapping the entire thing with engines and zooming past everything :p

I liked the almost style gameplay, and this is the first reverse clicker i've seen in the jam. The art is gorgeous too. Great work!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! We wanted all of the objects to be dual purpose - blood gives you speed but you also make a bigger mess, bodies are the only permanent source of blood but are slow to move & block bullets, and bullets can clean things from a distance which also means it'll be slower for you to walk over and retrieve it.

There's definitely a lot of potential to expand this game further. Great job!


We actually had more ideas for the game that we had to cut because of the time limit. (e.g. Fire that spreads automatically but can be contained with blood trails)

Thanks for the feedback!

I don't know if it was intentional or if it's just a consequence of using physics, but the bounce strength depends on the speed of your mouse. It adds a new level of depth which makes it a lot more interesting. Great game!

Very creative theme!

   You 🤝 us

Janitor theme

The drum beat gave a almost rhythm game feel to it, and the art/sfx was cool as well. You guys also managed to make a surprising # of levels. Great game! 

Is "Iron ball run" a reference to steel ball run?

Thanks for the feedback haha


Fun game! The game became a lot more interesting when I realized I could order and eat from different seats. It also got a lot more fun when there were more people than there are seats available.

I like how you need to manage 3 aliens at the same time, dodging bullets while still trying to make it to the goal. great job!


Really cute game!

Really cute game!

The fact that you have to give your opponent cards from YOUR deck adds a whole new layer of strategy to the deckbuilder genre.

I also liked the fact that the play order is deterministic and both of you only have 3 energy to work with, so you can sometimes give them a powerful card knowing they can't use it.

Very well done! I can see this being a fun game if you decide to expand it

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The ending is really poetic i like it a lot. It ties the switching game mechanic into the narrative excellently.

Best score was 5300

I like the pixel-art-but-hand-drawn aesthetic, and the charge jump is satisfying

Our (the devs) best was ~20s left to spare! One of us is a lot better than the other though

Art style is very cute, I like the math aspect, and I'd love to see this expanded. I can see this having all sorts of conditions & effects to make it really challenging! Great job!

I let the green slime guy live on the 3rd level but couldn't beat the game to see if there's a secret ending or something

Really cute art! I like how the game has a risk/reward system where the lower you go, the harder it is to get to the chest but there's a higher potential payoff. 

The art is vey cute! 

glad u had fun :3


the thought of blood and corpses being allowed on coolmathgames is very funny to me for some reason

Powerups are fun, and there's a surprising amount of polish! I like how there's an adaptive tutorial text at the bottom and how there's a shimmer effect on the upgraded icons

How did you do the rope physics? (Tongue wrapping around corners)