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A neuromancer inspired datascape is released into cyberspace!

Traverse the Datascape, hack ICE to explore their programs and make a run on the SimulaCom corp! If that’s not your thing just explore a section of the Datascape. A compact experience with a message to discover.

I’m finally done building this game after two years and a half years when it started as a student project. I’m happy to see it finally out there in the wild. I hope you can enjoy it, I’d love to hear what people think here or on twitter.

Thanks! I really appreciate you playing the game!

I’m working on another game right now (Datascape) but I still think and jot down ideas for this project. I got many different plans I want to go through with, lots of polish on the player controller/camera and the level difficulty scaling needs to definitely be smoother.

One day I’ll finish this V-Slice and hopefully someday I can make the whole game too!

Say thanks to Mr.Teacher for me too :)

p.s. I love sharing code too if you’re interested in seeing how the clock ticks.


SoLA community · Created a new topic Mac Black Screen

Some Mac build seem to have a black screen after the Unity Splash screen. I do not know how to fix this, if you do I'd really appreciate it.

All Linux builds are untested.

If anyone can test it, tell me if it works!

Came from the rant as well and just finished the game. I like the concept a lot, good job so far! A few things critiques though. First would be the fall speed, I think it's wayyy too fast. One thing I'd do is cap it once it builds up to a decent pace. Why I feel this way is because once I started falling or made one mistake I would instantly fall to my death within 0.5s. It felt odd. 

All you'ed have to do in game maker is take the variable that's being applied to your y and do: fallingvariable = clamp(fallingvariable, min, max)

A wall slide would still be in the realm of "believably" if your going for something like that and it'd also assist in down/upward levels. It makes the game easier of course but in turn I think the enjoyment goes up as you have some time to process levels you are progressing on.

This isn't a critique just my personal preference when it comes to hookshot games but the ability to let go of what you are grappled to and carry on your momentum, which in turn allows you to swing around like Spiderman is an incredibly fun mechanic which can be explored in many ways.

I also think having infinite ability to grapple is just a more enjoyable experience than being gated until touching the ground. As long as the design takes it into consideration it shouldn't be a big problem either.

Otherwise good job on the game! I really liked the aesthetic and the left side of the map took me a few tries to understand that I had to build up some momentum by grappling the ground. Hope this didn't seem too negative just some design pointers from a fellow game dev. Have a good day!