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FYI, I’m selling, so I moved the game to

Nice, thanks for letting me know.

Thanks, I’m glad you like the game.

Maybe this will work for you: I made it installable from my website.

  1. Go to
  2. At least in Chrome, there’s a little “install” icon in the right side of the URL bar. Click it to install the game as a stand-alone offline app.
  3. Launch it from your OS whenever you want, even with no internet connection.

This is my first time making an installable “progressive web app”, and I barely got it working. I might need to undo it later, if it’s a pain to maintain, but I hope not.

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Do you have 3rd-party cookies blocked? I had a similar problem in my own game, and maybe it's the same thing:

"if you block third-party cookies in Chrome, HTML5 games hosted on are denied access to LocalStorage and SessionStorage, even though it still works if you're testing using localhost, or on your own website." [dev log]

Other player workarounds: Unblock 3p cookies, or play the game in the app.

As a developer, I had to work around it by wrapping localStorage and sessionStorage access in try/catch blocks. I don't know if there's another way to detect that condition.

Thanks, I hope you like 'em!

They're like a cross between spikes and mines. Definitely in the stationary-trap family.

Thank you! I spent too much time tweaking the explosion graphics, and playing "mine dominos" in the editor.

Ooh, sorry, I removed those from the editor menu. They're kind of a failed experiment. Were you using them? I could add them back, until I have a better replacement. I didn't think anyone ever noticed them except me. I'm glad you've checked out the editor!

(Context for anyone reading along: The pentagon was something you could put on top of another object or enemy, to give it a shield, and the turret thing was a "disruptor" for the player to use to break shields. None of that was obvious from the editor, or documented anywhere.)

The shield is awesome. But the player-controlled turret was not much fun IMO, and it served no purpose after you were done breaking shields. I've got a plan to replace it with something more interesting and multi-purpose.

Thanks! I totally agree, and I'm working on it!

Bad part #2 is fixed. The title page is acceptable, and the other pages have enough going on for me to move on to the next problem.

Bad part #3 is fixed: There are settings for volume and screen shake now.  And game speed too, which radically alters the difficulty!

Bad part #1 fixed: The top-level level editor UI is pretty good now. And you can re-order levels.

This is inspired by the 8-bit Atari adventure/shooty games I wasted my youth on, especially Dandy Dungeon. But this is all floating-point continuous collision detection, so it's got way more computations, and smaller destructible terrain-chunks, pretty bad graphics, and it works on mobile, or keyboard, or keyboard+mouse.

This is all custom JS! I learned a ton of stuff about WebGL and Web Audio, and the pain and foolishness of writing one's own game engine. (And level editor. Adding undo/redo to the level editor was itself a technical and spiritual journey. See those letters in the screenshot? Painted with a mouse.)

I quit working on this little game in mid-2016, though I made tiny technical updates since then while working on other stuff, like keeping up with the ways browsers keep breaking Web Audio. I'm putting it up on now, because this seems like a nice place for small videogames to live.