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i want a wilson made by thatch and wood! i want it so you can place it and remove it I ALSO WANT TO BE ABLE TO MOVE/BREAK THAT WATER PUREIFIREAFCA what ever and the cooking staiton



make so your tools can break if you use them too much!!!! i would love that so when you make like an axe breaking some builds or cuting wood would bring the durability down and eventually it will break so you have to craft a new one and please add a craffting table so you can craft more things i mean all you can craft witout it is tincan rope crafting table and add artifacts like a broken bottle or yeah just junk. I WOULD LOVE SEEING ANY OF THESE OR MY OTHER THINGS FROM OTHER COMMENTS! so dear developer make one of these things a thing. that sounded weird...

make wind so waves could come and wreking your stuff so the walls have a purpose and the wind can also blow you stuff around a tiny bit but its an rare thing to happen.

i want to see my shadow WOW IM A VAMPIRE AAAAAAAH

could you make more types of fish in the next update because the fishing rods description is that you can catch different types of fish but the only fish im catching is meckerel