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Thanks so much for playing. Really appreciate it man. I left you some love on YouTube as well :)

Congratulations Debs on creating your first demo for Minim's Lyrical Journey. It's been great to see your progress throughout this course & your journey on becoming an indie dev. The game plays great, very smoothly. The music is so cool, I like it a lot and it's very surreal and eye-catching with the very obscure imagery & world that you have created. 

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

Muchas gracias por jugar. De hecho, me gusta tu punto sobre la exploración del abismo dentro de la caja. tal vez podría volver a visitar esto en el futuro. gran idea.

No ill put some coal in all the holes.


Thanks so much for playing our game :)

I was hoping people would see this again!

Thanks for playing dude. Appreciate it. 

thanks for playing Rosti! Left you a like & a sub. Keep doing what you are doing

Thanks Anii. Super pleased to have you as a supporter and a friend.

Thank you!

yeah there is actually quite a bit with multiple different locations and areas. 

It's very rough at this stage as I'm sure you know, but I was getting hounded daily for any kindnof demo. 

Thanks for playing 

Thanks for playing friend. I liked your video and left a sub

Thanks so much Niven for the review and kind words. I really appreciate it. 

I like how you looked deeper into the meaning at the end and I am glad you enjoyed the game. 

Many thanks!


Thank you Ramsey! I am glad you liked it. I left you a like and a sub on YouTube. Thanks for the video!

Thanks Vidas. Much appreciated. Glad you liked it & glad you enjoyed the shower & physics XD

Thank you so much for being one of the first people to play it. Your support means the world to me. Thank you for the kind words and I am glad you liked it :)

By far one of the best collabs we have done. It came out great & that music by Vidas **MWAH CHEF KISS** make sure you all listen to the soundtrack!

Thanks for playing our game bud!

DUUUUUUUUDE! Amazing! Thanks so much for playing! The video was awesome as always

WOW! Loved it! Thanks for the video

Nah bro. It was interesting making the game with YOU! Let's do this again soon :)

You are the best Niven!

Not bugged. Look on the floor by the table.

there is alot you missed. Thanks for trying though but I would suggest looking around a bit more

Thanks for playing. Not sure what you mean though? The game tells you where to go and only a few select items can be interacted with. There shouldn't be any heavy use of clicking so I'm assuming you just chose to click everything 

Thanks for playing! Gonna watch it later :)

Thanks for playing. Yeah I am aware of the lack of polish but due to being heavily requested over and over gain I decided to release it sooner. I'll be keeping the name, I am not one too much for caring about the project being shut down if it gets that far. Thanks again for playing.

thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!

5 days man.... 5 days. 

Thanks for playing man! Left you a comment and a like. 

Mate thank you so much for the kind words & I loved your playthrough. You will certainly be playing a lot more in the future :)

Thanks. It seems you only experienced the orphanage section when the demo actually has 5 levels in total with a lot more to it. I appreciate the feedback but describing it as having almost nothing is quite an understatement. The reason there is a demo at this stage is because of the sheer amount of requests I had from people to play it. Also, the size of the demo is due to the fact there are still around 30 mins of unfinished cutscenes, 6 other additional locations suck as more alt worlds, Toluca Lake & Silent Hill forest packaged with the file because this is just a demo of the main game I am working on. Unreal Engine unfortunately packages everything and doesn’t package only what is used. Finally, when we talk about wish house looking different, that’s right. It would. I’m not going to 1-1 replicate what they did before in SH4. It’s a new age and a new experience. Thanks for the feedback, just thought you should know as a developer why these things are

Thanks Stella!

Thank you for playing!

Thanks Anii! You are the best! 

Thanks for playing buddy & sticking with it. Yeah there are a few buggy things but as long as people understand it’s a demo. I agree Konami need to do something with it but sadly I think it might be years away and won’t represent something we all know and love. 

I would personally love to see Capcom given the rights to it and to see what they could do :)

Because I’m not worried and also most fan games go unnoticed. If they do end up bothering to do it, oh well. I’ll rebrand then. Just because they say no, doesn’t actually stop me from making it something else after

Thanks Vidas. Appreciate it man. Still lots to do but I’ll get there eventually :)