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Aaron Wise

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Thanks so much for playing

WOW! Niven, I loved this. Your games get better & better! Well done!

Loved it! Well done Lachlan!

well done on the game Lachlan. Hope you do well!

Thank you so much 🥲

Thank you so much!!!

Hey! Finally got around to playing TGIF 2024, and I  must say I like the ambiance you have done in this. Creepy. Also the face thing is off-putting in a good way. It creeps me the fuck out. LOL

thank you so much for playing. I really appreciate it. 

Thanks so much buddy!

thanks for playing mate. Sorry about the boat bug. Not quite sure what caused it tbh, as it is quite random.


yeah this is a known engine bug when you set your shadows to low. Just having them set to anything else will fix that for you. 

Thanks so much buddy!

thanks so much friend

Thank you very much! Appreciate you playing. I left you a sub on YT :)

Mark, thank you so much, dude. I appreciate that!

I will certainly keep it in mind

lmaoooo. You know…. I’m convinced. I’ll add floor 69. Then immediately after that floor 420. Yeah, the zoom function will be a more fleshed out feature in the full game. Thanks for playing though & glad you enjoyed it

actually. Let me see if I can reach out to someone who can possibly do this for me.

OMG! Thanks for playing!

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. To build for Mac you need a Mac to begin with. Perhaps in the future I will run a Mac so I can cater for both.

the final game won’t have MP. Sorry. 

appreciate you playing friend.

Thank you so much for playing!

This comment is driving me forward!

Thank you so much

Appreciate the kind words!

So 087 is just going to be the opening of the game with the ending playing out very differently in the final version!

Thank you!

Unfortunately, I am just one person working on the game. The final game will probably be around 4 hours long at this rate with this section serving as the opening chapter. The opening will be different when the full version is released "HOPEFULLY" this year.

That means so much to me! I really appreciate that!

Hi, thank you for that. The issue in question is when you have your shadows set to low. This is currently a known engine bug in the latest version of Unreal Engine so will be removing this in the final build.

Appreciate it!

haha! Amazing. Thank you so much for playing!

You are the best! Thank you so much!

thank you so much for playing!

thank you jester!

thanks so much for playing!

Thank you so much! Once I know how much work I have put into it at the end, I will settle on a price. 

Thank you. I will check them out :)

thank you! Can’t wait for the rest to be shown off