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Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t really touched this since. I haven’t worked on any of my fan-made projects after I’ve uploaded holo sudoku because of work. But since I’ll be out of work starting next next week, I might pick this up again. I’ll also think about your suggestion of making this open source. One thing that stops me from doing it is some paid assets I always use in my projects. Thank you for your interest!

You just pick one from them.

If you picked installer, then just let the installer extract it then run the HoloPets.exe inside (NOT the one inside bin folder).

If you picked holo pets zip, extract it manually then run the HoloPets.exe inside (NOT the one inside bin folder).

In any case, may I ask what’s happening when you said it doesn’t work? Does it not show anything? Are there any error popups?

Hi! Ahh yes, the sound toggle in the right-click is not sound anymore but a stay-put function which is requested before. This is so that Miko won’t walk around the screen when the user is doing something but still wants to have her at the side. I haven’t changed the icon. Sorry about that and thank you for reporting!

Hi! Sorry for the very late reply. May I ask which file did you download?

Hi! Sorry for the very late reply. I highly appreciate this info! I’ll include this when I have time to finish the next update. Thank you very much!

Hi! The game itself is free to use as long as you don’t sell it as your own. What I don’t know is if it’s ok for Miko or the character to be in the stream itself. If it’s ok, you’re free to use this app. Although I’m not requiring it, I’ll also appreciate it if you’ll include this itch page in your description, maybe, for some credits. Thank you!

For the icon, I honestly don’t know why it becomes like that. xD I’ll try to look into it. Thank you!

Ahh maybe I forgot to change the default value when I moved around the settings code for this update. Sorry about that. xD Glad that the problem is solved now, though. :D

I’ll check on this when I have time. Sorry for the late response.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Make sure that the program that you added to Task Scheduler is the Holo Pet.exe outside of the bin folder.

As for your suggestion, yes, it’s currently in the plans. I just thought that it would be better to do that feature when I have removed the unity splashscreen.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Can you check if the volume in the settings popup is turned on? You can click the sound icon to toggle it. Don’t use the sound button when you right-click miko since it does not toggle the sounds anymore. Thank you!

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Hello! Sorry for the late reply. May I ask what you mean by the shortcut being blurry? And do not run the Holo Pet.exe inside the bin folder. Run the Holo Pet.exe that is outside the bin folder.

Thank you!

Hi! Sorry for the late response. I forgot to mention in my update post that the multi-display support works best in a linear horizontal setup and with almost the same resolution. The thing is I don’t have that many monitors to test it to different setups/layouts. Sorry for this. I’ll probably get back to this issue sometime later but it won’t be a priority sadly. :x

As for Miko teleporting when the display is not set to monitor 1. I have to check that since that’s supposed to be fixed already.

For my Twitter, I honestly have one though I only created it to send a dm to Fuwa (the artist). I haven’t opened it for so long now. Ahaha. I’m not really into social media that much. Most of the development logs will be here in itch.

Lastly, thank you for supporting this project! I highly appreciate it! :D

Volume is probably the old one that I used. The new settings use Sounds instead of Volume. xD Btw, you can pm me in discord, too, if you want: aka#2293

My friend is actually not Japanese but he’s working at a Japanese company. That’s why he knows Japanese. Thank you for the input! They’re highly appreciated! <3 The sheet will be updated once in a while, especially since I’m currently working on the localization task already.

Hi! I do have a friend who knows Japanese. I actually have asked him already and the Japanese translation for the app is like 90% complete already. I actually have this google sheet for the localization. It’s just that the localization task in my list is somehow of low priority but still a necessity for my v1. In any case, you can also help in the translation when I add the other texts to the sheet.

Hi! I have plans to port this project to Mac and Linux (and I hope mobile). But currently, I’m using windows-specific functions that’s why there might be some issues when converting it. Although the porting is not in priority right now, because of some features that are more important in my opinion, this is definitely in the plan!

Hi! Sorry for the very late reply. Was busy with my students’ exams and grades. xD As for your question, I’m thinking of opening the project to some other artists. So basically, users will have some freedom to choose the style of pets on their desktop. As for donations, I don’t know if I’m allowed to get one especially since this is just fanmade. I don’t really want to get in trouble with Cover. xD In any case, this kind of compliment is already good. Thank you!

It seems that the hitboxes are out of place. I’ll try to see if I can do something about it. The only problem I have is that I don’t have Win7 to test it on. In any case, I’ll try to see for a fix for the next version. Thank you.

Hello. Do not run it from the unarchiving software. You need to decompress/extract them first, then, that’s when you can run HoloPet.exe.

I’ve been getting a lot of issues regarding the decompressing/extracting way. That’s why the next version will have its own sort of installer so that users won’t need to download any unarchiving/extracting software. Sorry about this.

That seems weird since this is the first time I heard of that. :O May I ask for a screenshot maybe so that I can see if there’s something wrong?

  1. This is a known bug and will be fixed in the next version.
  2. I’ve included this in our backlog already. Basically, my plan is to put the app in the system tray instead and hide it from the taskbar. Though this would probably not be in the next version. Most probably in the major update v1.0. 3.1. The switching from remote desktop to local desktop is an unintended behavior. Maybe because the app runs on your local desktop, it brings it forward when you select Miko. 3.2. About letting Miko stay in the corner, this seems a good idea. I’ll probably add a feature so that we can tell Miko to just stay in one point/place.

You can check the things in the works and the plans here: Trello Thank you.

I see. Thank you, too!

You need to extract the files via 7zip or winrar. Then run the HoloPet.exe.

I honestly dunno how to fix that but I will be releasing the future versions in extractor installers already. Meaning users don’t need to download specific decompressing softwares to extract the files. I hope that will fix the problem.

I’m assuming you are using a vertical taskbar. This bug or problem will be fixed in the next version.

I tried downloading it and it seems normal to me. Can you try redownloading and running it again?

I’ll try to check rainmeter and its limitations. But I probably can’t prioritize it right now. Probably, I can look into it more after version 1.0.

Is it the one at the end? I think that’s only the GIFs made by Fuwa. You can find them all here:

I’ll be putting the game in a self-extracting archive for the next versions so that users won’t need to install anything to decompress files. Thank you!

I’ll try to level the volumes of the sounds. I’ll also add volume settings so that users can adjust the sound volume to their liking. This will be in the next version.

Yes. I’ve seen this issue a lot. I forgot to test in different taskbar positions and sizes. I’ll include the fix in the next version.

I’ll add those suggestions to my to-do list. Thank you for the suggestions! :D

  1. I’ve honestly tried this and thought of putting the settings there as a context menu but I can’t seem to make it work without breaking the actual window. I’ll have to research and try some things more about this.
  2. Oooh.. last time I’ve used rainmeter is on Windows XP. Didn’t know it was still being developed. xD In any case, may I know what you mean by implemented in Rainmeter?

Yahps. Multiple-display support is one of the things in the roadmap. :D

It’s just a normal game but with transparent background. Then using P/Invoke for some OS-specific things.

I’m currently researching this. The current program is tied to windows because of platform invocations specific to Windows operating system. I’ll update if I got an answer to it. Thanks for trying Holo Pets!

Hi! Thank you! And yes, I’ll be updating whenever I finish a feature on my list.