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Actually pretty impressed with what there is right now. Controls work well, core stealth system makes sense, menus are easy to navigate. Wish the risk level was tied more to the NPCs, right now you're basically forced to crouch 24/7 even if nobody's anywhere near you.

The one thing I'd like is a way to know how many pictures I have left to find, felt like I was just wandering the school with no idea how close I was to finishing.

We were working with SFML but the rest is just C++. Most of us used PNG files for the emitting textures

This is a great little game! Is the map precedurally-generated? It seemed completely different each time I played. 

It's fun, but the last level is broken (after you die you can't restart)

is there no exit?

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That was what's going on! I usually get a few here and there, I guess I've never had a 30-day dry spell before. Thank you!

Here's how it looks on desktop, for those interested. Third graph is just plum missing.

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It's my main Analytics page,  there used to be three graphs and now there's only two (tested on mobile and laptop). How do I reactivate the Downloads graph so I can see it again?

Anyone else missing the third graph on their analytics page showing total downloads?


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Does this game have more than two endings?