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Disclaimer: I beta-tested this game

I highly recommend this game to fans of games like Her Story and Obra Dinn, where you sift through huge volumes data to sleuth out the truth. It's got an expansive catalogue of in-universe content to explore, and a ton of UI/UX systems in place to prevent the player from getting inexorably stuck. Voice Acting/Music/Aesthetics are crisp and contribute positively to the play experience, and overall I'm really glad I got the chance to play it!

(Note: This recorded version of the game is pretty different from the final game, lots of UI improvements and some script/clue changes, but I thought maybe someone might enjoying seeing the ways it changed in development)
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I wasn't able to get far because my computer couldn't handle the game, but from what I saw it looks good! 

There's a chest that's impossible to loot in one of the terminal rooms (you can see it at 11:47 in Daniel Rain's video posted below.) If I ever get a better computer, I'll swing back around and give this another try!

Update: I watched a Let's Play on YouTube, and my cat was oddly entranced :P She doesn't normally watch screens but I think she liked all the green lighting

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The birds are very slowly moving forward. If you wait a really long time, they become the first creatures to escape the backrooms :D

(I tried standing in front of them and getting pushed to freedom but they just slide under you ):

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That one's tough, but you have some clues regarding the type (and tempo) of song they made the backing music for, which narrows the options down considerably. Also look for another poster mentioning lyrics regarding the song BP helped write 

Make sure you reread the posts from already-captured people as well. One of them mentions a real-world musician you might recognize from another person's post with Adrian in it

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Really great puzzle game! I had no idea how to solve Sunburnt County, I ended up getting him by entering IDs randomly until it popped. (Edit: found the answer on the Discord, and in hindsight I really should have thought to do that haha). Super well done, the deductions were intuitive and got harder as the game went along. Great work!

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I spent some time myself trying to think of a solution for people falling into that playstyle, but nothing came to mind. The Watchtower note explicitly warns you the monster gets stronger, so it's not like the game doesn't give an early headsup. Also the game is short and the navigation focus means restarting is pretty painless, you can just beeline through the previous objectives and set your second run up for success. So all in all I came to the same conclusion as you ^_^

As a huge fan of navigation-based horror games, I really enjoyed Perennial! Wrote a full review of it here, but the long and short is that I really appreciated the monster's unique behavior and how the player has to learn its nuances to get better at surviving, especially when it started getting stronger over time. Great work!

All in all a fun game! Imaginative zones and a good variety of enemies. Good use of environmental hazards to mix up gameplay. Definitely interested to see your next project or if you continue this one!

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Thanks! I'd tried optimizing my route, preserving all optional enemies for human form and preloading ATK/DEF buffs, and 719 damage was the max I could get out before dying haha. If there'd been only one more enemy I'd have been able to hit 5th level as well, but now that isn't necessary :D

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Qutting/reloading the game to get the enemies to respawn isn't working for me, meaning I can't bypass the slime boss. Are there any other ways to get enemies to respawn so I can grind?

(Alternately, can you check the slime boss HP to see if it has less than 950 health? That would only require two critical hits and halfway-decent RNG, which I'd be willing to keep trying until I get. Right now that seems to be my only chance of victory)

Great game! Excellent use of camera angles to warp the player's world, and the core gamepay mechanic iterated without ever becoming too confusing. Thoroughly enjoyed, great job!

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Actually pretty impressed with what there is right now. Controls work well, core stealth system makes sense, menus are easy to navigate. Wish the risk level was tied more to the NPCs, right now you're basically forced to crouch 24/7 even if nobody's anywhere near you.

The one thing I'd like is a way to know how many pictures I have left to find, felt like I was just wandering the school with no idea how close I was to finishing.

We were working with SFML but the rest is just C++. Most of us used PNG files for the emitting textures

This is a great little game! Is the map precedurally-generated? It seemed completely different each time I played. 

It's fun, but the last level is broken (after you die you can't restart)

is there no exit?

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That was what's going on! I usually get a few here and there, I guess I've never had a 30-day dry spell before. Thank you!

Here's how it looks on desktop, for those interested. Third graph is just plum missing.

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It's my main Analytics page,  there used to be three graphs and now there's only two (tested on mobile and laptop). How do I reactivate the Downloads graph so I can see it again?

Anyone else missing the third graph on their analytics page showing total downloads?


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Does this game have more than two endings?