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The game is nice but it needs improvement on some aspects to be fully functionnal. Mainly the crafting system ; maybe I did things wrong but it seems crafting is impossible since you can only hold one thing at a time. Also the text isn't placed well sometimes so it's almost unreadable when that's the case. Overall good game with potential but with some problems.

Great game ! It took me a couple of tries to understand everything but once I got the basics it was a fun ride reaching destination :) I enjoyed it a lot ^^

I really like the design of the characters, and the game seems fun, but I'm a bit confused, where are we supposed to buy ingredients ?

Is it okay to draw fanart ? I'm not sure I will but I really want to u_u

I think this is the best visual novel I ever played ! I love it so much I can't even find words to describe it. I clicked on it for the art, and the art is absolutely gorgeous, but the story, the beautiful writing, the music, the voice acting, have nothing to envy to the art, and I really really love the art ! How did a game I played for less than an hour made me cry, feel happy, angry, sad, inspired, and above all warm ? 

I also almost missed the post credit scene and I'm glad I didn't Y-Y

I saved so many different files, not because I wasn't sure of my choice of option, but so I could go back to every scene and art easily, as I would go back to pages of a book seeking for the emotions it made me feel. Thank you for making this game

Very cute game ! I really like the pixel art and the little sounds the kitten make are adorable. The music is really nice too, and the pacing works well. Good job ! I had a fun time :3


Great game ! The graphics are great, the gameplay is quite unique and the difficulty level is good too, difficult enough to have to try several times but not so much that you get frustrated.

Nice game ! Maybe a bit too difficult, some maps are (nearly ?) impossible and there's some bugs here and there. But overall very enjoyable and fun ! :) 

I still haven't figured out how to win but I love this game ! I'll try again and again to get the good ending because I want these two to be happy T^T

Very nice game ^^ I enjoyed it a lot, I'm glad I discovered it ! 

Indeed refreshing works fine :)

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Great ! Thank you for answering :) Also, I'm not sure how to make the drink with ice cubes ? I see the ice cube thing but I'm not sure how to complete the drink ( but they only appeared once so far so I might just need to try again ^^')

Edit : I found how, the cup just looks empty but filled with the right things it works

And also I think if I retry without refreshing the page I already have several recipes to make ? Like it continues where I left off the time before kind of ? 

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Great game ! IS it possible to actually win ? I fail every time because it takes too much time to cook ^^' Other than that I really enjoyed it :)

(edit : now that I understand how everything works it's way easier, like winning 50% of the time)

 Nice game :)

Stunning visuals and music/sounds, the atmosphere it creates is amazing and very soothing. The rest of the game is very good too. Great job !

I love your games so much... I lack the words to describe what they make me feel but if I can say one thing it's thank you.

It's okay, the game looks great ! I'll try again with different browsers

No problem ! Take your time, thanks a lot for reading my comment ! It's a great game nonetheless :)

Very nice game ! I like the ambience a lot ! the visuals and the music are both very beautiful and set up the mood very well. The voices are great as well, but as someone who has trouble processing spoken words it would have been helpful to have the dialogues written as well as spoken. It could be helpful for people who have hearing disabilities as well. Other than that great game ! I wouldn't mind playing a longer version of it, it have a lot of potential ! But it works as a short as well :)

The game doesn't seem to work :/ It freezes after I press a key, I tried clicking but it does nothing :( Maybe I should try with firefox ? I use chrome

I love this so much !! I love how they're both respectful of each other ;u; I really relate to Jousia as an ace (and possibly on the aro spectrum) person. It was very nice seeing this kind of representation, thank you ! :) And I love your comics so much !! You write characters soooo well. And I didn't even mentionned the art !! Which is georgeous *^* Also I really love Cassius and Jousia, both individually and when they interact, so I was thrilled to know that you made a "fancomic" about them >u<

Nice game ! It's quite pleasant to smack that guy into everything x) The designs are great too !

I tried to make Carole and Tuesday :)

Thank you for including a polyamorous ending ! It  was great ! ^^ But I noticed a bug in Vesper's route, if I don't choose to pick up a fight and ask if they're ok, it goes on a loop, and I can't go farther on the story (because it goes back to the "pick up food" route without any other option again and again)

I've spent too much time on this but I'm happy. Over the garden wall is one of my favourite show :)

Is there a way to report paintings ? I've seen n*zi symbols several times already....

Great game ! I love the visuals, the gamplay works well, and the concept is very interesting ! It's fun to experiment and try different ways of building the city :)

Such a beautiful short game ! I absolutly love it. It was very short and yet very powerful. I want to make a fan art of it ! :D

This looks amazing ! I would love to play a full version ^^

One of the most stunning and unique game I've ever played. I've rarely felt what this game's made me feel : emptyness, being lost in the void, feeling the world come to an end, but not in an apocalyptic way ; in a simple, calm and lonely way. On that aspect it reminds me of the animated movie Dragons Hunter, it has a similar feeling of void and emptyness. Amazing job.

I was expecting a simple simulation game where I go everyday doing simple activities, taking care of animals, farming, etc, but it's so much more.

The first dream made me realise that. I won't spoil much more for future players, but truly, it's amazing.


Great game, the story could be a little more developped but it's very interesting nonetheless, and the visuals and gameplay are great ! I particularly love the Titans :)

Very cute game ! ^^

This game is truly beautiful and moving... I cried, which happens very rarely with games and especially short ones like this one. It hit really hard, having dealt with suicidal thoughts before and having friends and family currently dealing with it too. I really hope everyone can find a way to heal and keep going. If someone is reading this, you're not a burden, you never were and never will. You have the right to exist. I know life is hard but please keep going, there's also beauty along the way.

Thank you Finn Truong for making such a beautiful and impactful game. It's honestly a short masterpiece.

Very nice game ! I finally finished it after several attempts :3 The graphics are adorable and the gameplay is nice, very enjoyable ^^

That's great ! :D

Great game ! I arrived safely on my second attempt. The bell is a lifesaver !

Great game ! The visuals are really nice and I really enjoyed learning more about the characters :) (is it a Riad Sattouf character I spot on one of the postcards ? Esther perhaps ?)

Great ! 😄 I'll try again with the new controls, thank you very much !

I think my middle click isn't working :( that's a shame because the game seems great ! 

I put dirty paw prints everywhere mwahaha and the human still pets me >:) Lovely game ! It was fun discovering how the elements/characters interact ! And of course the beautiful flags uwu