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That's great ! :D

Great game ! I arrived safely on my second attempt. The bell is a lifesaver !

Great game ! The visuals are really nice and I really enjoyed learning more about the characters :) (is it a Riad Sattouf character I spot on one of the postcards ? Esther perhaps ?)

Great ! 馃槃 I'll try again with the new controls, thank you very much !

I think my middle click isn't working :( that's a shame because the game seems great ! 

I put dirty paw prints everywhere mwahaha and the human still pets me >:) Lovely game ! It was fun discovering how the elements/characters interact ! And of course the beautiful flags uwu

I love this game ! The visuals are super cute and the gameplay is on point ! I'm looking forward the full game ! :D I had a great time playing it ^^

Nice game, I love the alien at the end >u<

50/50 ! ^o^ Great game ! The visuals are very beautiful, cute, and fun, the gameplay mechanics are good too, and the music fits the game really well ! 

This game looks stunning but I don't really understand how to play it ^^'

Nice game ! I love the concept :) A bit too easy maybe, I ended the battle after 6000+ points because I wasn't dying, but it's really enjoyable nonetheless ! :D

Thank you for your reply ! I'm looking forward to it :)

Nice game ! The level of difficulty is fine, the gameplay is good too, it's always new thus never boring, well done !

This looks great but it doesn't seem to work, at the beginning everything's fine, the little tree tells the story, but when he finishes the screen stops at this picture, and I can't do anything. Only the music starts.

I got a cute sakura plantpet ^u^

The art is amazing !! I'd love to play a longer game with those visuals *^*

This game is so adorable ! 

Nice little game ! I enjoyed trying the different possibilities :)

Will there be an english version someday ? This looks amazing !

The visuals are amazing ! I love yours games so much !

This is adorable and I love the art so much ! *^*

I love this game a lot and I really enjoyed playing it. I'm not very good at expressing myself through words, especially in english but I wanted to say thank you, for making such a beautiful game. I hope you're in a better place now, and that your wish will come true. I'm sure it'll be fulfilled soon ! Safe spaces and kind people do exist ! :)

Great game ! The end was too easy though '^' but I enjoyed it a lot :)

Great concept ! If only I wasn't alone playing it ^^' But I still like it a lot :)

Ok ! I'm glad then ^^ I'll stay tuned, for sure :)

Nice game, I like the concept and the visuals a lot, but when there are too much mice it starts bugging, the mice can't sleep, eat, play, etc, they walk, I'm still able to drag and drop them, but that's it. Maybe my computer is just too slow ^^' Great game anyway :)

Awesome game ! I love the ambiance, the music , the visuals, and even more the message !

I love that game ! It's a real piece of art ! I hope you haven't given up on this ! (unless it's putting you in a too difficult situation). I'd love to play a longer version :D I'll try to support this project as much and as soon as I can :)

Wonderful game ! I'm always amazed when creators are able to convey so much with so litle elements. And that game is definitly one of those ! I loved it ! 

Wonderful game ! The gameplay and the visuals are nice, the characters are really lovable, and the story is really interesting, I'd love to see what's next :D

Short but very nice game ! The visuals are grat and the gameplay is fun :) I'd love to live with them too ^^

Okay, I'll try, thank you for the reply ! 

I'm two years late but I loved this game a lot ! I love the soothing atmosphere there is, the visuals are amazing, and the song is so beautiful. A real piece of art ! 

I don't think the game works well for me ? There isn't any icon (shovel, water, etc) like other players seem to have according to their screenshots, and nothing is growing after a quarter of an hour playing (maybe more). The game looks great though, and the music is really soothing, I hope I'll be able to play  normally :)

Wonderful game ! The backgrounds drawings are so beautiful that I stopped to look precisely at every single one. It's like taking the time to appreciate life fully. I love that the pace slow down with each stage of life, and the music changing too, even stopping on the last one. I didn't experienced it as something depressing like others players did, but it sure was emotional. The concept is very interesting, and everything is thought and well done, I loved it !

Great mood, nice concept, and amazing charadesign :) Lovely game ^^

Amazing game ! The graphics are perfect, the mood too, the gameplay is good, AND we learn about other cultures and masks ? I love that uwu (I love masks by the way !)

This game looks amazing but there is a bug, almost nothing appears except the menu :( I don't think that's meant to be ^^'

Ikr ? :) Feel free to use the seed ! ^^