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I see

I run on a Lenovo Chromebook and have been experiencing a problem where the character has been going way slower than in all the other play-throughs I've seen in the comments. I ran this on a chrome browser which is probably the reason why it's been going so slow since I experienced this same "running slow" problem in another game on in chrome.

Maybe add invincibility frames? I mean the game is great but I repeatedly get comboed by enemies after getting repeatedly hit. Also, (this is a small suggestion) can you change your fonts to be more like those arcade game fonts? I think it will really suit the game

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found a little easter egg/maybe bug in the game's menu. The red ball on the menu acts like one of the bosses in the game where when you collide with it, you die as well as the fact that it has kinda the same health as them. The only thing is that this "Boss" can't shoot anything. (skip to 2:00 in the video to see it happen)


Is the normal speed supposed to go slow because my character is going WAY slower than what is being shown on the previews on (btw I have a Chromebook so maybe that's why it's going slow :\ )

Tip: copy and pasting <feed a1 a2 a3 b1 b2 b3 c1 c2 c3> over and over again just by holding down crtl+v for a minute or so will make the soil always be cyan and forever be fed and you will never need to feed it again. (You can see if how many times you feed that tile of land by the color but after the 4th level it stays cyan but it still counts as a bigger level after it just doesn't change color)


If the normal skeld (not the original map) is going a bit slow just turn off "HD Skeld" on the settings (bottom-left hand corner) then it should be go faster

Just know that if you self report it won't work because they immediately sus and eject you

Little tip:

You can move and kill other players while the death report sign is still on the screen so when you kill while a death report is happening just go to the body that you killed and kill the person who found it and if there are any other crewmates around they'll just ignore it.

Note: This may be patched after I post this so it may not work when you play

Can you add a feature where you can save the settings you put for the last game because it can tedious putting the same settings over and over again

game doesn't open up it's just a gray screen

great concept but here are some suggestions:

  • Lower sensitivety on scroll wheel
  • Allow the camera to stop moving on it's own
    • Sometimes when the camera is moving it goes past a tile a it obstructs your view
  • Add the ability to click and select a pair of tiles because the game sometimes doesn't register that your want to pick one pair and not the other
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I love the game and I've played it for a long time and the game never gets old. I know the game is still in development so maybe your adding them already but what I suggest you should add to game is a pause button when your playing as well as an endless mode where the game doesn't end after collecting the artifact but continues(so this can be a reward for completing the main game that appears when you get the artifact and it gives a choice between "x to be reborn" or "z to plunge deeper"). I would love these to be introduced to the game and I think it will make this great game even better and funner.