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It's just a clone of a popular game.

There's nothing cyberpunk about it.

Welcome aboard!


Hi, I've been drawing pixel art for a very long time.

Link to portfolio:

I would like to participate in a project.

Willing to draw for your ideas or offer my own if needed.

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It's just gorgeous.

Please add the ability to save and load..)

Hi! Finished my little set for a little game.)

I invite you to take a look.

Hi all.
Started making a new game asset.
The first part is already ready.
Pixel forest 32 x 32.

Wow, good asset)

Thank you.

I quit programming and switched to pixel art all the way)

Very glad to hear it)

Once again I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks a lot! I'm very glad you liked it. I'll try to keep making quality packs)

I am very sorry that such a strange situation has arisen. Please write me your mail, I will send you a pack by mail. I will try to correct this error in the near future.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

An excellent space asset for a space station building and mining.

Hey, thanks for the nice words)

I'm currently drawing the concept of my little game tycoon.

A little more I started trying to draw fan art and just for myself

Unfortunately, the fan art work is not loaded. But you can see the work on Behance:

There is also artstation and other social networks:

Steel Creature#6397
Yes, but I don't go online often.

Hi. I am just post here my art.

This was my first project that I decided to do alone.  As planned, I planned to make a Sci-Fi sandbox.

A lot of work has been done. Several modes of transport with a damage system. Sets of destructible environmental objects. Mini games for the delivery of goods, transportation of passengers, the development of your own fast food, additional transport in the form of motorcycles, skateboards.

The space itself, where the action takes place, consists of several buildings, between which there is a space for flying on personal or stolen vehicles. By the way, someone else's transport can be stolen right at the moment of its movement.

All atoms have a damage system, and also get dirty from dust and blood if you get close to the platforms or shoot down citizens. To repair and clean the interior and body, a workshop was made with the possibility of visual tuning of the car.

The project is currently on hold.

It turned out to be too heavy for me. More precisely, my experience in programming was not enough to engage in development.