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A 12old Gamer

A member registered Aug 14, 2023

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I didn't know how to get I get stuck there or soft locked I need to reset or something

The last update was Nov2022 ago

You know that mobile phone r more expensive right?

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Is this cancel or is the update taking Ys

Because the last update was 2023 ago

When and which version?

Basically you are saying this is a bad joke I know that this joke was that but I still want to put it up

I wish there was more game over scenes and other scene

When are you going to upgrade the art of the first level?


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This game is barely getting public updates

Does this game slowly escalate or you need to survive untilled you know you die

Stop motion that's how you know it's high effort

And I quote "Good gameplay good music rhythm platformer"

I will like a virtual pad


Bro can we get a public release OR a demo

Bro I'm on mobile/Android

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Guys can I get a cheat code Ahhh.. Can I get a cheat code guys Ahhhh...

Yeah that's it

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No that is my age why would I tell private information about myself 

It's like putting  your real name in a game that tell you to not do that

Could you add/suggestion       I have 2 request

1. Add a skip button for the player if they choose they are a old player they can skip to specific parts of the game aka auto safe zones

2. Add a  story only mode the player has infinite power and also as the best armour and weapon

That's it I hope you at them :)

or You can't Do that?

MiroTheFox: I will reply to every comment

A12G: Why did you do that to yourself

(I know your actually not going to do that)

You have to answer me you started this conversation you have to end it

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Anyways does any of this count

1.Roto Force

2.The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 1

3.NEST 2

4.No Humanity

5.Mansion Warrior

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what?  and   ... --- .-. .-. -.-- / .-- .... --- / - .- .-.. -.- .. -. --. / .- ... -.- / --- .... / ... --- .-. .-. -.-- / -- . / .-. .. --. .... - / .-- .... -.-- / .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / .-- .- ... - .. -. --. / -.-- --- ..- .-. / - .. -- . / -.. . -.-. .. .--. .... . .-. .. -. --. / - .... .. ... / ... ... ... ...    And by the way you can just use the translator and also Station 141 and also what is Survival Evolved

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Bro I couldn't find a name 

Just let a man go to his struggles BTW Android

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Me too :(

(I don't have a android 8 it's higher)

:0 Ho


I wish I could move the position of the arrow

Cool and also is that a typo "I dont well add it" 

I need this NOW! It's A MAERPIECE

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Will there be a story mode i think that's a good idea?

I feel like sandbox doesn't even exist

Can we get a try out version basically 50% of the is cut out

Got it...

I need the game to be free my country is like over $2000 aka BT

Can the artist also do pixel art

I wish I had a option to skip to day 7


Change the chicken timer to day 6

It's your phone is an old version of Android you get the old etc.

It's been a Year where is the next update