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ya that fits with the mirroring issue. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow - I haven’t had anyone try the rom on retroarch yet. Maybe shoot me an email and I can send you a fresh copy to try as well. 

I read through the link you posted and this seems to have something to do with the mirroring setting. "

Somehow this rom got put with a wrong part of the header in the No-intro database specifically the "Mirroring" type needs to be changed to "Vertical".

To do this open the rom in FCEUX then go to "Debug > NES Header Editor..." then in the top left under "Version" change it to "iNES" then under the "PRG" section check the box for "Battery-backed NVRAM" and finally under "Mirroring" change it to "Vertical".

After that click "Save As" at the bottom and choose where to save the new fixed rom after you name the file what you want."

Hey There, I can't seem to reproduce this bug. Any idea how you might be getting it?

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The discord would probably be the best place ,)

If you like this style of humour and gameplay; Panzer 2 will be your jam. this was my first attempt at coding a game so Its a little more raw. Panzer 2 improve on everything that worked in this one and added a TON of features that I think make it very special :)

Think I have addressed the issue. Not sure why it decided to start but it appears to be gone. 

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Thank you for reporting this - I'll take a look and see what the scoop is.

I was able to reproduce the glitch but oddly enough it seems to not happen after a reset.

Absoutely! I didn't even know this was a thing until I started developing NES games :)

Officially launched! Thanks for everyone's support over the past couple years with my nonsense projects! 

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Thanks Bardon! It really helps with replay on the full version :) 

Nice Work Cutter! Love all the visual features you developed! 

Thanks! Lol what happened at the end of the video? 

Excellent little game! Love the training mechanics and the music is just perfect! Well done!

I kinda failed that social media… lol

As an amateur NES Developer and have to say that this is incredible! I can't believe what you managed to accomplish here. Thank you for putting together such an amazing piece of work!

so good you’ll think they are real life! :P

Hey Ray, I saw you messaged me on Facebook as well. I replied to you there.

For now. That's a piece of left over code from the full game. 

In the full game once you beat this introductory stage - you will be given the option to Continue from the game hub if you fail to beat the boss you selected rather then starting right over. 

thanks! I had a lot of fun working on this one. I learned a lot from building the first game so it was great having a better idea how to code it! :D

thanks for all the kind words Brianbone! Part of the Kickstarter was to include  handful of CIB after campaign sets which will be available on the website when production completes :)

Full version now available to the public!

Thanks, StudioTBP! I should have the full version up in a couple days for everyone :)

My pleasure! I feel bad that I made it so confusing!

Hey Gusclouds - I was preparing the Kickstarter backers Keys. The full version will be available to the public once that has been sorted out :)

Hey cr3ssfire  - I was preparing the Kickstarter backers Keys. The full version will be available to the public once that has been sorted out :)

Hey Morcar - I was preparing the Kickstarter backers Keys. The full version will be available to the public once that has been sorted out :)

Hey Gus, I was preparing V1.3 but that will be a paid version. 

I'm still sorting out the Kickstarter backers keys before it releases to the Public. Hoping next week it will be live! :)

Loved the contra style gameplay with this game! The variety of weapons and the ability to duck gave it a real neat feel :)

omg… haha 

Thanks for the feedback guys! Some new bugs were presented which have been squashed! :D