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Hi! Thank you for kind words, we have been working hard and now reimagined the entire game to be even more greate, with better cinematic and story presentation, and even with some gameplay elements. 

Thank you! 

Ah, understood. Then you can purchase the game here, and we could make a present for you on Steam. As special circumstances, if you really need a Steam version. Share a screenshot of purchase with small note that this is you to our e-mail.


We have recently rleased a demo version of a new kinetic VN My Countless Worlds ~Enchanted Cape~ on Steam for a festival period, but now it is available permanently on ITCH!

We will be very grateful for your support and subscriptions. And also do not hesitate to throw us tips on the DISCORD SERVER.


  • Top quality artwork
  • Pairings, lots of pairings! Juvenile romance, midlife crisis romance, even some not-exactly-human romance...
  • Costume drama! My Countless Worlds: Enchanted Cape is a perfect fit for those who can't resist a huge assortment of different clothes!
  • An unexpected turn of story in just a few chapters
  • Fanservice with a twist. Do you enjoy beach episodes where girls in bikinis play around and swim in the sea? Why not find out what it looked like a couple of centuries ago?

Have a nice day!

Thank you for the walkthrough! We'll share it on twitter.

Hi! Nope, the Steam version is selling separarately. Btw there would be a sale, but a bit later.

Nonetheless, if you have any issues, feel free to contact and we'll try to figure out a way for you😉