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I do not have any video at hand, but you are free to watch those at the bottom of Vazkii's Psi page.

I've added a gif to the top of the screenshots sidebar.

Read the installation instructions.

You did not install it on the Nuclear Throne folder, or you don't have the 'mods' branch on Steam installed.

I'll look into this, thanks for reporting.

Interesting, I'll see what's going on.

Make sure that you've reloaded the assets properly either by reopening the game or by Shift+R.

The weaponIDsprite.png file in your weapons folder of your modpack.

Yes, just hit T ingame to start typing, and type /weapon WEAPONNAME

Screenshot of your folder, please

It has to be a 7-frame horizontal spritesheet. This is because the first frame is the weapon in its normal state, and the 6 other frames are the glow animation when on the ground. Make sure the 2nd frame is the weapon completly white, outline included!

As long as they're in the same folder as the Custom Throne EXE, it should work.

I would suggest just putting a HTML shortcut to CT's page, the launcher will be prone to updates.

What do you mean with "include Custom Throne in the download"? Did I miss some message? Include in what?

Custom loading text isn't in yet.

To send the player to a new area, just set Player.area to the new area ID and Player.subarea to 0.

YV's car isn't spawnable yet.

Not at the moment.

type = 1; //1 = normal, 2 = proto, 3 = idpd, 4= venuz

For loop exclusivity, check for the Player's loops variable.

All you have to do is spawn a portal that takes the player to the specified area and subarea, using those respective variables.

  1. Just use has_ultra(ultra_name) to check if your character has an Ultra. If he does, do something, if he doesn't, do something else!
  2. If the latest snapshot supports this, you can spawn a Burst object, and give it a bullet variable that equates to an object, like a Slug or a Bullet1. No support for custom projectiles at the moment though.
  3. Yes, any area that starts with an ID higher than 120 is a secret area.
  4. Yep, that's a glitch, dunno how it happens, still looking into it.

You may be missing one of your weapons' sprites.

As for the new music, you need to drag the new Nuclear Throne .OGG files into your modded Nuclear Throne folder.

Custom weapons, at the time of writing this, start at 110.

Here is a list of new projectiles added since u19:

Make sure that, before you create the sentry gun and destroy a corpse, either:

  • at least one enemy exists


  • a Portal exists









Please refer to the instructions, this error occurs when you install the mod on the wrong folder. It needs to be the same folder as your Nuclear Throne .EXE file, as well as where all the 'mods' branch files are.

This should be fixed in the latest snapshot!

Fixed, sorry about that, for some reason didn't want to make that into a button.

Woops, T.

This might be due to Windows 7, which does not come with that version of the .NET Framework. You can get it here.

This will be fixed on 1.1.3, either today or tomorrow.

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Hit T while playing and a small blinking cursor will appear in the bottom-left corner. You can now start typing :]

In the Custom Asset Editor, hit Ctrl+T to generate template files for missing sprites. And set the Area variable to where are you want it to spawn in. 0-2 is Desert, 3 is Sewers, 4-5 is Scrapyard, etc.

I am unsure how to install it without using Steam. It should be possible to just put it on your DRM-free Nuclear Throne folder though. If you pirated it, however, I cannot help.