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sorry for the late reply. both fair points! the pc build is now also tagged as linux and i'll be uploading the APK for the games as well. thanks so much for the feedback! :D

no worries at all, your feedback will probably help players in the future so it's much appreciated! hope you enjoy the game! :>

thanks for letting me know!! i've updated both the pc and mac version of the game (aside from "mac-oldos", which should only work on older versions of mac). let me know if that fixes things and sorry for the inconvenience!

thanks so much for making these text tags!! going to be updating our game with them! and we'll link back to this page in the credits if that works best! ^v^

awwww thanks for supporting this game so much info!!! hugely appreciated! :D

hmm, this could be an issue with the graphics card/video renderer. see if your graphics card driver is up to date, if it's updated and the game still glitches you could try switching video renderers by pressing shift + g in game and selecting a different renderer (someone online suggested choosing opengl, directx, software in that order until one works). then restart the game.

i hope one of those fixes work!

could you elaborate on the sorts of graphical glitches you're experiencing? screenshots are extra helpful!

oh shoot! thanks for letting me know, i'll get it fixed asap!

go ahead, you have full permission!

sorry, as said before we don't intend on adding any more content to the PA series but thanks for your interest! 

oh no sorry about that!! someone else had this problem, try this fix out,

alternatively someone had an odd fix that might work too. they tried taking the exe from the second game, putting a copy of it in the folder for patche's infurno and renaming it so its the same as the original exe. i unfortunately have no idea what the root cause of this problem is. let me know how these fixes work for you!!

sorry, only paid from now on!

yeah play it in this order!

1. purrfect apawcalypse/the remastered version, love at furst bite

2. purrgatory furever

3. patches' infurno

yeah! it was just a lil character design project for college to prep for the actual game!

thanks for playing the game! :D i'm not going to be making anymore pa games, there's just the three (or four if you include the first version of love at furst bite) !

thank you so much for enjoying the games!! comments like these seriously make my day :)

WHOA that was an amazing listen!! loved hearing your interpretations of everything, especially the part about the art style being bisexual, makes me happy to know that everything i make is at least a little gay. thanks so much for sharing!! ^v^

nope! the extend of the changes are just bug fixes/typo fixes/fixing small inconsistencies in the art (like adding the pink insides to coco's ears), steam achievements and animated transitions!

thanks! i use renpy! :D

i'm currently working on getting the other games on steam!

it'll be accessible to anyone who paid for the game after i put a price on it, as well as people who had donated in order to access the game beforehand!

i'm pretty sure (based on this) i can set it up so that when you re-access the download page here on itch, you'll be able to claim the steam key! if something goes haywire and i can't, you can always contact me and i can hook you up with the steam key after confirming you purchased

the instructions should be on the download page!

  1. Unzip the ZIP file that corresponds to your OS. 
  2. Run the application file located in the folder!

let me know if you're still having troubles!

no sorry, it'll cost money!

there will be slight updates for pa2 and pa3 but not a huge remake like for pa1!

Yes!! Cool Kid Cody will be the next series we're focusing on :)


go ahead! the only music credits you should include is to lyon beckers ( for the soundtrack of purrfect apawcalypse 3! the music in the other games was made by me so as long as you link back to the original games/to me somehow i fully support your series!! :D

thanks for enjoying the series!! i've never played either of those, i can see how you'd think they were inspired by them though!

unfortunately no, but i am updating pa1's art to fit pa2 and pa3 better :>

these games were inspired in part by doki doki literature club and liar liar, both awesome visual novels (especially liar liar which feels a bit more obscure, its got that candy-gore aesthetic on point!) ^v^

aww thank you!! ;v; also dw your english is good here!

hmm, that one should be english. unfortunately there's no way of switching the languages without redownloading the game ;v;

hmm was this the pc version or the mac version?

yeah olive is non-binary! any pronouns are fine for them but i go with they/them!

WOW i can't believe this has been out since july and i haven't seen it!!! i've left my appreciation for it in the youtube comments but also want to say here, THANK YOU SO MUCH (for this video but also for enjoying the games so damn much)!! <3 <3 <3

awww wow thank you so much!! i'm so happy you enjoyed it that much ;w;

AHH i love this omfgg

oh oops, sorry about that!! i'll edit the walkthrough so it takes into account the order you can get the others in. thanks for the heads up!

thanks!! :3 canon romantic ships just include brownie x coco (romantic) and heavily implied patches x whisk (romantic) but yeah nothing concrete. i think its nice to keep things a little vague so people can interpret things themselves. UwU