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thanks for enjoying the series!! i've never played either of those, i can see how you'd think they were inspired by them though!

unfortunately no, but i am updating pa1's art to fit pa2 and pa3 better :>

these games were inspired in part by doki doki literature club and liar liar, both awesome visual novels (especially liar liar which feels a bit more obscure, its got that candy-gore aesthetic on point!) ^v^

aww thank you!! ;v; also dw your english is good here!

hmm, that one should be english. unfortunately there's no way of switching the languages without redownloading the game ;v;

hmm was this the pc version or the mac version?

yeah olive is non-binary! any pronouns are fine for them but i go with they/them!

WOW i can't believe this has been out since july and i haven't seen it!!! i've left my appreciation for it in the youtube comments but also want to say here, THANK YOU SO MUCH (for this video but also for enjoying the games so damn much)!! <3 <3 <3

awww wow thank you so much!! i'm so happy you enjoyed it that much ;w;

AHH i love this omfgg

oh oops, sorry about that!! i'll edit the walkthrough so it takes into account the order you can get the others in. thanks for the heads up!

thanks!! :3 canon romantic ships just include brownie x coco (romantic) and heavily implied patches x whisk (romantic) but yeah nothing concrete. i think its nice to keep things a little vague so people can interpret things themselves. UwU

aww thank you!! :DD

yay good to hear!!

also! you won't have to start from the beginning for this fix, if you have a save file from just before you leave the field with olive, load that up and it should work (hopefully)!!

oh my gosh i'm sorry, this has been a weirdly difficult bug to fix >-<; i've tried a new fix in version 1.8 now. i've tested it out and it works for me, hopefully that'll do it for you! as thanks for your patience and feedback here's a doodle of patches and olive squashing a bug!

thanks so much for doing a lets play :D im glad you enjoyed the games!

thank you! >w<

thanks so much cone! ^w^

thanks so much!! <3

WOW thank you so much for the kind review and all the puns ;w; <3 this makes me really happy to read, im so happy you enjoyed the games!! <3

aw thanks so much!! im glad you enjoyed the game! i actually already have someone helping with the russian translation but thank you for the offer ;w; <3

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oh sorry, i dug a little more and i think i found the bug!! i've fixed it in version 1.7. thanks so much for your feedback it really helps! ^w^

if u need help here's a walkthrough!

thank you so much!! :DD

oh shoot, did you also get a big sparkling heart? you can get it by getting the best ending for each of the four classes, which you'll know you got if you find a full screen illustration like this (spoiler alert). also you can see the heart slowly heal at each chapter intro like here.

its got gore and murder and such in it but it definitely isn't as scary as ddlc :3 also thanks!!

DAW im so glad you like it!! ;w; also there's not really a secret ending but you do get a bit of some extra stuff if you complete the bad ending while having completely broken hearts with everyone, and there's a bonus drawing if you make everyone happy and get the good ending! :3 

wow thank you so much!!! <3

yes they are non-binary!

hi!! thanks so much for playing!

1. for this particular game dialogue is split across a lot of different files, like scriptbath is for all dialogue that occurs in the bathroom, scriptyard for all dialogue in the yard, etc.

2. i learned a lot from watching a few youtube videos and reading renpy documentation!  i also have some code snippets from another game i made, though i'm not sure how much more helpful it is. ^w^;

3. thank you!! i use fl studio! 

4. >:)

im so happy this game was inspiring! ;w; good luck on your game!!

daww thanks madman!! ^w^

aw thank you!! so glad you guys enjoyed it >w<

aww that's awesome!! ^w^


totally not weird, coincidentally someone drew that ship today!

wow thanks for making a gameplay video!! maybe a long time from now i'll build on this little game :3 thank you for playing!

oh wow, thank you for the nice and poetic comment!! glad you enjoyed!

thanks! >:3 definitely inspired by that cyberpunk biz

thank you so much!! hope you enjoy it ^w^