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WOW thank you so much!! i'm so happy you enjoyed it ^w^ i'm excited to see your playthrough!! <3


the game will still be made in renpy. :3 there will be multiple ''dead-endings''! as for how many variations there will be on the true ending i can't say. i suppose we might have to change how the game will be classified now that there's point and click, but it doesn't differ too much from usual gameplay (instead of clicking ''inspect ___'' you'll just be able to click on an image of what you want to inspect! 

all i'll say is that pa 3 takes place just two days or so after the events of the last game, you play as patches, and the zombies have caused problems.

i hope that answers your questions!! ;w; thanks so much for playing!!

the third (and final) game is being worked on right now! :D im glad you enjoyed the first two! the third game will be out sometime this year, i'm hoping for summer but i'm not sure yet. i'll announce when it'll be out on our social media :3

the third and final game will probably come out in the summer of 2020 :3

ooh i was just fixing some broken social media links in the about section

yes >:3

aww thanks so much for enjoying the game!! ^w^ no worries, we're working on a third and final game!! <3

Oops, I made this post so long ago but never published it =w= Sorry!

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i think there are like 37 or so ways to die (though some are very similar)! OwO;

Oopsie, there is a way to get both Coco and Patches to max hearts but it's actually incredibly difficult (I'm going to release an update that'll make it easier). 

~ Spoiler ~









For Coco, there are two +1 heart interactions in the kitchen and one in the bathroom (so you can just skip that part where you ask Angel about Patches). It's difficult cuz there's a bug that only allows you to get the +1 heart for Coco if you interacted with the knives in the kitchen in Chapter 1! >O< As for Patches you can max him out in purrgatory. :3

If you play again, wait for the update that'll be out in a day or two >:3 There'll be a small bonus for completing the best ending while having everyone at maximum hearts. ALSOO thanks so much for playing and everything ;w; !!

I'm glad you're having fun at least >w< If you wanted to know how to get the best ending I've written it up here! (Spoiler alert!)

WOWW I'm glad you enjoyed >:3 !!! <3

Thank you!! >w< I may be starting up the Patreon in the next few months in preparation for working on a new project (and hopefully I'll be able to share more behind the scenes stuff to warrant people paying monthly!). In the meantime though I have some PA related behind the scenes stuff here if you wanted! :3 <3

WOWW thanks for the gameplay vid >w< !! <3

Thank you so much for your feedback!! I've fixed that continuity error now and changed the game to released! >wO

There are some vague ideas for a third game (which would focus on Patches as the playable character) but for the mean time I have other projects to work on, so I don't want to get anyone's hopes up about it. >-< Ginger was indeed the bloodhound from the first game! And yes it's only possible to reach the true end with Sparky. 

Hopefully that answers everything. Thanks so much for playing!! <3 :3

Thanks so much for playing! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! ;w;

Thank you so much for playing and your helpful review!!! I agree with your points and am definitely keeping them in mind for the sequel! ^w^ <3

Sorry for the late reply! The key is back in the closet in the classroom.

AW thank you!! There's a sequel coming out this Halloween! >wO

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game!! ^W^ Thanks for playing!!

AW thanks and thank you for playing!! 

Oh man I'm so glad you enjoyed!!! ;w; Thank you so much for the nice review, I really appreciate it! 

WOW thank you so much for the amazing compliments!!! I'm super excited for you to play the sequel when it comes out sometime this year! >u<

I think there are 37 ways to die! I wouldn't consider them to be super unique endings though, just consequences for making the wrong choices. You can get the best ending, and endings where Olive dies but makes Sparky, Brownie, Angel or Patches happy, and endings where Olive dies without making anyone happy (very sad and boring lol). Thank you so much for playing by the way!! <3

OH MAN thank you so much!!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!! ;W;

How to get the best ending!

  • Get key from the closet
  • Get Sparky from the gym
  • Get Brownie from the bathroom
  • Go to the basement
  • Go to the classroom (don't fight Angel just talk to him)
  • Go back to the basement
  • Stay on angel's side

You can still win if you talk to patches early on but it's a lot easier to die. Hope that helps!!

Oh shoot sorry, I think I've got it fixed now!

Holy crap thanks for playing!! If you make fanart I'd love to see it! ^w^

Probably, but it likely won't take on the form of a visual novel! I'm gonna experiment with other game genres but the characters and story will remain. ' w '

AWW wow thank you!! ;w; 

Here are their ages!

Sparky = 17
Patches = 16
Coco = 16
Olive = 15
Brownie = 14
Angel = 14

Ohhh I see. Sorry I'm pretty new to making music! >-< I'm using FL Studio so I'll mess with the limiter and see if that helps!

Not only did I put you in this game sans-permission but I also had you die about 37 times. >:3

Wow thanks for playing!! Also nice profile pic!! ' w '

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!! I think it might've been because I outputted as MP3 instead of WAV, if I put out an update I'll see if that can be fixed a bit (though I'm glad you think it sounds fitting as is)! ^ w ^

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OMFGGG THIS IS AMAZING!! AND YES, you are the first to draw fanart (that I know of) and I am HYPED! Thank you for playing and liking it enough to draw a thing, it means a lot. ;w;

LOL fair Olive is pretty heckin' cute >w< Thanks for playing!!

Hehehe thanks!

AWESOME good job!! Thanks for playing 'w' !!