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Pretty cool game! I would have love to see more of these, like more level or an infinite mode where you can see how far your composition can goes

Pretty cool game! Really innovative mechanics, please consider releasing a mobile version, it would be so much enjoyable with touch instead of constantly draging the mouse

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Hot fixes (26.05.2022) :

-No more default upgrade and objects, when you exhaust a rarity pool, it will generate an object/upgrade of another rarity
- Fixed a bug where game was freezing on game over screens (win and lose)
- Fixed upgrade description showing before the end of the animation
- Corrected Lucky Strike description
- Boss death animation is now playing
- Starting with an upgrade when clicking retry button

Hot fixes (13.05.2022) :
- Boss health back to 8000
- Tequila now makes you miss your shot again
- Adrenaline is now a rare
- Little friend is now a legendary
- Fixed 4 players games not giving you 4 choices anymore
- Little friend not reducing your dash damage
- Enemies sometimes spawning during sheriff fight
- Projectiles also augment in size with your player size

Thank you for the feedback! Sorry for the late reply, right now I don't have any plan on keeping the development active. But I still think the game has a lot of potential I might take the concept to make a new game which will went on forever! (First version of the game actually went out forever!)

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback!

The tutorial is awful, we will make a new one. Unlocking cards as you play is planned for the new version. We are aware of the information overload you can get when you play the game. In the next version we will get rid of the gold ressource, everything will be bought with water and it won't be possible to upgrade "water gain delay" anymore (so that's less to learn and to care about). Also the cards won't have all their informations shown at the same time, so you won't feel too overwhelmed. Our goal is to focus on deckbuilding and roguelike aspect so we won't have a map with hundred of levels. We have an objective of having 5 chapter per run with 20 waves each.

Ahahah, c'est super drôle comme jeu, j'ai été surpris quand Putin a choppé la babouche et l'a écrasé avec sa main, ce genre de détail c'est juste magique!

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You play as a pharaoh, your goal is to defend your pyramids against aliens. Those aliens constructed the pyramids, but that was a long time ago, now the pyramids are ours!

There is a tutorial which is quite tedious, but you can skip each step once you understand how the game plays.
The game is very challenging, I advise you to start at a low difficulty before going for the real challenge in Hard mode.

We're looking for idea and feedback on this prototype.
Have a nice time playing!

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Hello I'm Axel, I'm looking for feedbacks to improve my game SwipeAdventure.
The game is currently in developpement. You can go to card 50 max, the final game will end at card 100.

I've been working on it alone for a year. I think the game has some potential but I really struggle to push it even further (I started learning unity and C# last year). I would love to get some suggestion to improve the game.

SwipeAdventure is a swiping roguelike RPG.

Swipe left or right to make decisions.

Explore the world of SwipeAdventure and try to go as far as possible.
Evey game is different, discover new cards and interactions each time you play!

The game is available in English and French