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What? This was made with UE4, which is a game engine designed to run on modern PCs. As has been mentioned, running the game on native PS1 hardware would require a whole rewrite, and a LOAD of optimization, given how we take physics and rendering now for granted. The PS1 can't even sort polygons by itself!

Does the game allow for manual mouse control, opposed to using arrow keys? Mouse Button implementation would also be appreciated.

tell the dev to do that rather than making this trash in the basement

Rubbish, Soulless trash of a video game. If you're gonna try to be comedic at least put in a brow of effort into it.

Spectrum as in Autism?

This SMELLS like the 90s in every way. I like it. 


You lack human decency to make garbage like this

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Do you have to comment down every damn time a reviewer checks your game? You're not reaching anyone like this.

This is nightmare fuel.

It was just some creepypasta. You cannot port a game to windows without source code or reverse engineering, which in its own right takes vigorous effort. It's ok if you ask me.

You need help. Go see a doctor.

Someone paid a $25 license to put this on Google Play....

This radiates way too much cancer

Great game, but holy shit Neo Osaka is the last level you want for speedrunning. The vehicles always move at their own pace, breaking the flow and opportunity to speedrun.

Communism has a capital C in it.

Would you release the source code for the project?

Why are you bigots downvoting me, I am telling the truth. iGPUs are horrible at computation.

Integrated Graphics.. with GPU MACHINE LEARNING ALGORITHMS. That is an automatic red flag, mate.

Thanks, you can say that to because this is the default pic, dumbass.

Get a better name and profile pic, kiddo.

Shut the fuck up, ok?

This game isn't available for chromebooks. Either install windows on it or play the game on some other hardware.

a lot more. i actually recommend playing on tiny (~30 levels) if  you want to see the ending. 

i fixed it 2 days ago..

alot of unity games do this, you need to exclude the game from anti virus software

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that's the normal mode...

edit: it was a bug, normal mode had all the lights disabled. ill fix soon

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Do you mind sending me your pc specs?

maybe you should've listened when he said behind you..