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8-Bit Slasher

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Just released a stand alone version of each of my games so you don’t have to mess with emulators. Each game has a zip file. Unzip and play the exe!

Excellent playthrough! Thank you for playing all 3 of my original slasher games! You know I’ll share this on all platforms 🙌🏻🤘🏻

Just finished watching you play! Great job! This was the very first game I made in the trilogy of horror back in the day. The plan was to demake all of the old games the way they were (as faithfully as i could) and then hopefully make sequels improving little things. Can’t wait for you to check out my Elm Street demake. It was the last game I made back in the day before i disappeared from gamedev for a while. Have a Happy Halloween weekend! 🎃

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! I will share it on all of my social media accounts 🤘🏻

Download an NES emulator to play it! Like Mesen.. Nestopia.. you can even use Retoarch. You need an emulator like one of those and open the file inside the program 

Glad you like my games! I originally made this one when I was 15 🏕️

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it 🙌🏻

Made an account and messaged you!

What's your email? I'll delete it from the post once I send you the code.

Contact me on discord here.

AWESOME! I can tell you! How can I message you in private without posting it on here?  I still wanna keep it a secret for the most part.