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Abandoned. Also the dev does not respond to message & has no integrity. See for yourself at Blender Market (under ratings). 0/5

Can't agree more!

Hey ansimuz, just to notify that the Patreon Access link is pointing to a youtube video

Hey! Sorry for the delay, I saw you post then got carried away ^^' So, unfortunately, it seems to have introduced problems, here's what I get upon launch without touching anything 

And here's what happen when I try to move a section: 

I don't know the technical details, but basically it gives you the same visual result as "Adaptive Subdivision" in Cycles, but works in EEVEE and is super lightweight on ressources :)

Utilizing the heightmap in conjunction with a parallax occlusion system like MrRolord's on Gumroad has resulted in outstanding results! 5/5.

5/5 Fantastic node! For other users; Texture interpolation must be set to anything but Linear, otherwise mosaic effect will occur.

Very concluding test on my end! The fact you make it 8 direction is super cool! I tried all features with no roadblocks, except after a while my character disappeared and I couldn't get it back. I tried to replicate the issue but couldn't.

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Thank you for the update! <3

On initial load, the scrollbar isnt shown, regardless of the window size (both at windowed/fullscreen). But it does show when I resize at this point, in both cases.

Thanks for letting me know! Also what do you think about adjustable width between the items as a new feature?

Hello, yes it does, but not straightaway on the opening. Now I have to click an item on a line that has item that goes over the edge, to activate the scrollbar, instead of having to drag & move the item as previously.

Tyvm <3

Very well! Apologies for implicating Tiled. I propose we remove the entire set of comments about this matter.

Hey Thorbjørn, I always downloaded Tiled from the official site. The folder spam started in 2022, altought I noticed there was already folder for 2021 (but a single one).

The folder names sounds like some linux codename releases. It seems to be a word generator that adds 3 words together;




and so on.

I'm led to think this is related with Tiled because of files content (see screenshots)

In most of the folders I checked, there was 2 JSONS Files:



Theres got to be more files generated but I don't know what (because 44,140 folders with 2 files in each does not reach the amount of files I had to delete)

Here's a link with a quick montage of everything I got (sorry no time to do something pretty): LINK TO IMAGE

Thank you ;)

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EDIT: Turns out that the issue was related to App, not Tiled.

I've come across an unusual folder nestled in my HDD and upon further investigation, I discovered that Tiled was autonomously generating folders with nonsensical names on my drive, without my explicit permission. While browsing through various discussions, I've encountered numerous mentions of false positives, but perhaps there's more truth to them than initially presumed.

A staggering total of 44,140 folders have been generated, with 54 appearing just today, despite not actively engaging with the application; it seems to be operating surreptitiously in the background. I'm presently in the process of deleting the primary directory, which harbors over 132,000 files.

I'm hesitant to attribute malicious intent to the Tiled developers, but there's undoubtedly a significant issue at play here.

Great set! I really enjoy greyboxing stuff, especially when it's done with finesse. Thanks a lot!

Looking great!

Thank you for the update! <3

Absolutely love this generator, it's truly one-of-a-kind. Hope you haven't given up refining it. Cheers!

Nice! Thanks for the update :)

5/5 Fantastic ressource to use with Blender <3

Very interesting! I'll keep a close eye on it ;)

Big shoutout for the ongoing support! Your dedication doesn't go unnoticed.

Well I learned something today ;) Tthank you!

Also watch out, you have 3118 doubles on the model

This is exactly what I meant, yes ;)

And I agree, having the choice is always better than having none.

Thank you ;) I wait peacefully

I use the download version and I'm on Windows 10. When I load back my project, the scrollbar is always gone, but I just noticed that the scrollbar re-appear when I move an item from one of the lines thats filled (that goes over the screen edge). However, it doesnt restore the scrollbar when moving other items, in lines that are not filled.

Here's the project: LINK

And screenshot (without scrollbar):

My bottom scroll bar is gone for some reason (the one used to scroll the tiers), don't know how I get there. I can submit my project file if it's any help.

Hey there! I would really love to see added a line wrapping feature!

Thank you for the update! Cheers!

I also really wish for a shopping cart system. I noticed over time I almost always end up with a lot of opened tabs of assets that I want to buy, ending up not buying anything in the end as the paying process one by one is too tedious.

Amazing, thank you ;)

Amazing. I feel you're tapping into something that could really stand out with that kind of features. All the best!

I'm really fond of broken electronics ;) Thanks for asking!

I'll too, be happy to buy the upcoming ones :)

Thank you for the heads-up. Hope you'll find time to rest and breathe a bit. All the best.