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Hi there tumixo, 

I have found that alpha version and made it available for download, please grab it in the next days as I will remove it to avoid confusion with the downloads. Cheers

That's great, I was going to ask you if you had recorded that session! 

If you're ok I would link that video in the main page, I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, I have uploaded a build without the splash screen and with blur filter enabled, its version is 1.9.1. After you download it I will remove from the page as it could confuse others. 

It would be great if you could take a short video of it running on your arcade cab, do you thin you can do that?

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DAL-RNG who is possibly our long term player Dalar, set an incredible score of 153900 points which is far higher than any other previously recorded hi-score.  I see that it was achived playing the Redux mode, I would really like to know how was that obtained because so far the highest scores came from the Arcade mode.

@DAL-RNG: Please tell us something about this achievement it you wish to do so.

Hi, I have put the game in my arcade cabinet but I did not enable the blur filter having a CRT monitor fitted into it  ;)

I can surely build a version without the splash screen and with blur effect already enabled but although that would be a 1 minute coding thing, you will need to wait for quite some time as my license for the development IDE has expired and I will not renew it before fall/winter as I have zero time do deedicate for development.

Or, I can compile the previous game version, 1.9, and amke it available for you to download. I think it will not be able to save scores online as I did some changes to the code but if you don't care about that, then I can do it anytime, just let me know

Hi, I think I have saved that old version somewhere, consider it was not much more than a proof of concept. Out of curiosity, what do you need that for?

Time to play

Hello Dalar, 

Thanks for your feedback.

I can confirm there was a temporary problem due to the APIs from the free service providing country localization. 

It seems like they are limiting the queries to only 100 per month.

I switched to a new one which should have no limitations, can you please check playing both arcade and redux?

For Redux expected behaviour is that it saves any score >0  points and set flag to where your IP is identified from.

For Arcade you need to be in the top 5 of your local scores, not a problem for you I would say :)

Welcome back!



I recently realized that the free hosting service that was used to keep the online scoreboard had expired a few months ago.

Unfortunatley the last DB backup is very old so it will probably be a brand new and empty ladder.

New webpage address is already up, I will need some time to compile a new version of the game so that it points to the new domain.

Stay tuned


Hello RedFox64 and thanks for your compliments.

Sorry for the very late reply, work and private life have become very busy so I can't enjoy spending time on game programming anymore.

Regarding your questions, I manually ripped each frame from the aracade game by running it at original res and saving game session into uncompressed videos, it was so much work!

I have this game running on my arcade cabinet at native resolution, it runs somer smooth, I am so proud of it, will post some video soneer or later  :)

The hardest part to make was the timing of each event to make sure it reflected the original game. I literally counted the frames for each action, both the schuedules ones that the random ones.

(i.e. when you complete a level, each step that Donkey Kong does on the latter happens at the exact same timing of the original game, same thing with any score update or even graphic glitches)

Regarding other games, I started with Phoenix but then due to the lact of time I posted here the latest alpha version and never really found the time to go back and continue with it.

In an ideal world if this was my only occupation I could start and complete a remake  (plus the extras) in 2 months but unfortunately this is only a passion and work comes first (same for family)

I am pretty sure at some point I will find the time and complete Phoenix, also I'd like to add more levels to DK which is not so complicated to do, so stay tuned.

Both Popeye and Rastan are games I really loved in the '80s but I must admit I loved all them when I was spending time in the arcades ;) 

Hi Andreas, I saw your score, congratulations, I should dedicate a section of the Highscore only for you  :-)

I need to find the time to play the game myself and beat your record, I have been too busy at work and did not had the chance. Also, I often think to  create new levels but that would need a lot of work, will see.


thanks for the positive feedback, I really tried it to make as much as possible similar to the original one, I really spent hundreds of hours recording videos and studying where every pixel was and the timing for each event.

No worries for donations, I would appreciate if you can make a high-score in the top 50 instead.

Make sure to play the 4 extra levels I added to the game, I know they are difficult but DK itself was known to be a difficult game.

Regarding Phoenix I will soon, very soon, continue developing it, so expect an update within the next 2 months or so.

Not sure about a future project, I was thinking of Kung Fu Master or Double Dragon but I might also just try to create a brand new game, not soon anyway :-)

Thanks for the added info Andreas.
Coding the glitch would be quite easy to implement but I would still need to see it myself in order to take the correct timing (I count the frames and the pixels literally one by one). At the end I think very few players would know about it anyway :-)

So it seems that I am one year older than you, I also played DK in the arcades it was one of my favourites and it still is.

How did you end up here, are you also coming from the DK forum community?

Hi Tertle, 

I think the problem is due to the rendering method or Vsync. Can you please try a combination of "B" and "L" during the game? I mean, one of the 4 possibilities should work well based on what I think is causing the super speed at your side

Also, try with your graphic card settings by making sure Vsinc is set for this game

Hi Andreas, thanks for your comment, I really put a lot of hours into this project so it's great to receive good feedback ;)

Finishing the 4 rounds is already too difficult some some players, doing it more than one time in a raw is for pro players :-)

What about the level 3 bug, is there a video you can link so I can check how was that?

Last, did you try the 4 extra levels? For level 5 I mantained the same style but then I wanted to add some extravagance :)


level 6, make sure to beat 6 turtles and the purple one will not be a problem anymore ;-)

Some Dutch player just made over 100K points score, I myself didn't think this was possible!

Hey dude, please post something here, I really want to know more about your record  ;-)

Thanks mate, I am happy you liked it so much!

Nice one, will try it immediately

I just released the final version of this game I have been working on for a long time.

Apart from the original 4 levels of the Arcade game I added 4 new ones. These can be played selecting Redux mode in the Game Menu.

The part I am most proud of is the online scores saving which features over 200 results already.

Have a try at it but be aware it is quite addicting  :)

Game Home Page

Game Video

Online High Scores

Hey John I had a second look at your page, there is plenty of classic games remakes. Did you program all of them? Out Run is just superb!

I am just in love with this! Thanks for this quality remake of Out Run

This is progressing fast, going to try latest version right now ;)

I see, I was sure you were not one casual player :)

I guess you arrive from the DK forum?

Question: what do you use to save gameplay video, is it free and able to save at 60 fps?

I am happy to hear that, unfortunately directinput joypads are not working as expected. I have another player who has reported the same problem. I did the testing with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers which use xinput and they work all right.  I might be digging into this further at some point but only after I will be able to design, program and release one last level for the game. I had a look at your video, very well played and your score could have been even higher if u had not lost that life at level 8.  So far nobody got even close to your scores, but it must be said that I did not give the game much visibility yet, so there have been probably less than 100 unique players so far. I will try to got to the top myself but it won't be easy neither for myself to go beyond 80k points.

Out of curiosity: have you been an hardcore player with the original DK even before you found my remake?

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Hi Dalar, 

CTRL works fine for me, I also have a few friends doing beta testing and it works for all of them as in the past. If you play with keyboard try disconnecting joypads/joystick if you have any. Also, try with Space button, it does the same than CTRL does. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hi John, not bad, it seems to me you are quite familiar with the original game.  Last night I released v 1.6.0, there are now 7 levels in total.  FYI, flyes can be jumped, you just need to get close to them as the collision box is set to the center of their sprite

Yes, it's level 8, but u will need to 'unlock' each level from 1 to 5 to play it (after you complete a level it becomes unlocked, meaning you can chose to start from whichever u want each time you start a new game)

(Level 6 does not exists yet, level 7 is almost completedm the screenshot below is from the level editor 

Thanks John, you must really try the new level which I am going to release as soon as I find the time to complete it.

Donkey Kong meets Pacman and Bomb Jack  :)

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Hi there, once finished with this (very close at this point) I am thinking to create some brand new levels, but the idea is to keep the same style.  Talking about other classic games, many many years ago I also re-programmed  in full Phoenix, it can be found and played online. 

Galaga is also a good candidate for the future. My idea is re-program 4-5 classic games and for each one add a new section with new levels and/or new game modes, work in progress  ;-)

Have a try at the latest build of Donkey Kong, I just added collision between hammer and barrels and a few sound effects

This is just a programming exercise trying to replicate the behaviour of the original Donkey Kong by Nintendo. I tried to simulate the game logic and timing spending multiple hours watching videos of the original game.

Game copyrights belong entirely to Nintendo.

As a Nintendo's games lover I wanted to express my tribute to the Mario/Donkey Kong serie and to game designer Shigeru Miyamoto.

Once finished I am willing to add a brand new level, I could also consider to implement someone else level design if anyone is interested. One very crazy idea would also be to add a 2nd player simultaneosly on screen, so that levels are completed if both players do the needed, but this would break the current game logic and might require a lot of code to be rewritten.

Once finished I am willing to add  brand new level(s), I could also consider to implement someone else level design if anyone is interested.

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