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The atmosphere is good and it is really deep. If I fall from the side, I can see the whole thing. But to my shame, I couldn't get to the bottom through the normal route. I always die.


It's a first-person puzzle game, and you'll find that it's similar to "Portal" in a way.

The game uses mirrors as its main element. The mirror divides the game world into two almost identical spaces and acts as a gateway between the two spaces, and you need to use the mirror to travel between them and experience a sad and mysterious story.


Thank you for your reminder. Some screenshots have been added.

I have a problem that I hope you can help me wwith..I have another game to submit, but it exceeds 1GB. I have applied to expand the space according to the requirements, but I have not received any reply for one day. May I ask how long it usually takes to get a reply for this application? Thank you!

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GhostCast by 7OfUs (

Human or Ghost, that is the question.

In this FPS game you can be a ghost, or a human back.

PVP or PVE, up to you.

Hope this game can bring you happiness!

Sorry for the late reply. I get it. Can the cross heal? That's a cool idea!

Hi, Curtis, long time no see. How are you? These two days I received an email, is your game MEDUSAE updated, I remember I have played before, so I downloaded this new version to play, but forgive me my English is still very poor, can not understand the text of the beginning of the game, I remember the previous game is if you turn back the monster will attack you, but this seems to be different, has become a common FPS? But it's really easy to shoot, and I can shoot pretty well with my FPS handicap, good!

Nice assets, thank you!

Cool, thanks!

Good asset, thank you!

Great music, thank you!

Nice asset, thank you!

Good, thank you!

Good asset, thank you for sharing!

Nice asset, thank you!

Good asset, thank you!


Nice asset, thank you!

Nice asset, thank you!

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Nice asset, thank you!

Good assets, thank you!

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Nice asset, thank you!

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Great assets, thank you!


Nice font, Thank you!

Good Assets, thank you!

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Nice asset, thank you!

Nice sword, thank you!

Very Good!Thank you!

Good Job! Thank you!