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I enjoy this game a lot, even with some of the things this game needs to polish such as the FPS issues and some animations that are longer than they should be (witch's ice attack, poison damage having a 4th miniscule wobble that takes up half a second, etc). Grinding this game is fun but sometimes can get tedious for a number of reasons and I have some suggestions to make it more fun:

-Reducing unnecessary parts of animations. This is one of my only big complaints, as pretty much all of the animations are pretty slow(in my opinion) even when sped up, which inflates the amount of time it takes to do anything. 

- Speeding up most of the animations. The transitions in the 'visual novel' parts are fine, and most of the basic attacks are a good length(in my opinion)

- Nevermind, the animations being ridiculously slow was caused by a low framerate. For some reason, now it's magically running at 60 FPS. I'm curious what engine you are using. Until you can fix the FPS problems I'd suggest you have the game's time run on real time, not frame time if you can, especially since in a game like this(2d, not much moving around really fast like in a first person shooter), bad FPS doesn't really hurt the experience as much as how much it slows down everything.

-More defined level system with exp to reward more time spent in battle(right now there's no real reason to not run away from all minor battles, you generally have enough money and items)

-Generally more rewards from battle.

-Difficulty scaling depending on the power of your Haremon.

-During a dungeon, the turns should end and the next one should start right after the event is finished. 

This game seems heavily inspired by Pokemon, I would suggest you look at some of the animations, game mechanics, etc. of Pokemon and try to make your game flow similarly because Nintendo fine tunes all of those things mentioned perfectly. 

Another thing, how long is it supposed to take for training to have a result? I went on a couple of missions and slept twice while they were in the farm but they didn't get any stronger according to Delilah. 

I like the gameplay but the animations should be much faster or have an option to make them that way. I always try to escape from a battle as fast as possible because the animations and text are frustratingly slow to finish.

Right now I am stuck with nothing to do. I've tried every option in the town and temple and it changes nothing. What do I do?

You can move around :/

There's no download unfortunately, it looks like a pretty good game.

You can place a block anywhere on the map except for the indestructable terrain.

This isn't a clicker game nor does it follow all the rules(only allowed to use the mouse!), but nevertheless this was a good game.

One thing I would like you to know about is sometimes you can see an asteroid but you can't target it(probably since the asteroid's center is outside of the zone presumably since it usually only happens with big ones with more radius) so I think you should widen the field a little bit.

I saw your comment on my submission so I thought it was only fair that I'd leave on for you. By the way, I'm looking into that skyrocketing bits, and as for the G being a B, I got a bit lazy with the alphabet pixel art and copy-pasted B 24 times after I made 0-9, A, and B. Thanks for telling me.

Anyways, this was really well done. The soundtrack really fits and I really liked the gameplay, it was very captivating :D

The only complaint I have is the painfully slow scrollbar in the store :P

BTW, 1 byte is 8-bit. I think you should edit your description :p

Was this a joke game? lol

Wish I could fund you guys on Patreon :P

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I would like to say this looks amazing. I would like to see this when it is done, although I can't buy anything online so probably not going to ;-;

This is cool.

(P.S. I think you mean 'genre' in the description)

If so, I'd like to know what it is :P

There should be a tutorial at the start :P

Maybe the other games made by Nami?

Just saying, to a developer, an unreproduceable bug usually isn't worth trying to fix.